This is no April fool: Tours of 14 major company digital workplaces – all free

All 14 live digital workplace tours for Digital Workplace 24 are now confirmed, with names such as Adidas, Adobe and Arup signed up to present. Register free to see any or all of the live tours.

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AmBank’s intranet to digital workplace journey – Mar 3 Digital Workplace Live

AmBank Group has spent the beginning of 2015 launching its intranet revamp, which forms the first phase of a wider digital workplace vision. Get a sneak peak of the improved platform.

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DW24 sign-ups help young people turn technology into a force for good!

650 people registered for DW24 between January 1st and February 12th, and we’ve donated a little something and written a little something to say thank you. Sitting, pen in hand, I just wondered how to say A thank you to all those, On this happy Valentine’s Day Who, by just one simple click, Have chosen…

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Genentech, Mayo Clinic, TSB Bank join DW24 roster of live tours

Lloyds Bank, Genentech and Mayo Clinic join Adobe, Barclays, EY and IKEA to give live tours, while gamification guru Mario Herger, Ryan Anderson (Herman Miller) and Peter Miscovich (Jones Lang LaSalle) also sign up to DW24.

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DW24 is back for 2015, with Adobe, Barclays, EY and IKEA already on the agenda

Digital Workplace 24 (DW24) is back! On May 20th and 21st of 2015, thousands of intranet and digital workplace professionals from around the world will join together for free in this one-of-a-kind global virtual conference. Confirmed live site tours already include Adobe, Barclays, EY and IKEA. When was the last time you saw a live…

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DW24 guest wins international prize for urban mobile app

It was 4:00 AM UK time on Wednesday, May 15th when the creators of the Colab mobile app presented on Digital Workplace 24 (DW24). So there’s a slight chance you missed it if you live in certain time zones. If that’s the case here’s what you need to know: Mobile app helps residents improve city…

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Winner of the ‘My Inspiring Workplace’ photo contest 2013

If you missed the live announcement during the final hour of Digital Workplace 24, here’s the big news: the winner of the 2013 “My Inspiring Workplace” photo contest is Anna Granholm-Brun and her entry “Office one day, out to sea the next”. Not only does Anna (@annacbrun) now have the prestige of this fine award,…

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Have you got an award-winning intranet?

One of the best things about this year’s Digital Workplace 24 was being able to see so many great intranets and social platforms in action. From Virgin Media’s integrated deployment of CISCO WebEx Social to IBM’s bold new homepage design  to AMP’s great welding together of social and content, we were treated to 24 hours of…

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Why should we implement social?

Many discussions in the past hours of Digital Workplace 24 have evolved around collaboration. This morning there was a lively discussion after the Deloitte presentation. There are many reasons why we are trying to get these social tools introduced in our organisations and each organisation may have their own specific reasons. However, I think the…

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5 ‘must haves’ for intranet usability

This is a guest blog post by Lisa Pratt, Account Executive at ClerksWell. ClerksWell is an expert in developing intranets focused on user experience and has recently launched EasyShare, a fixed-cost, fully enhanced intranet solution based on SharePoint 2010 and 2013. From small organizations to global corporate companies, the website has become a powerful communications…

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16 ways to use social business to work smarter

Some people who’ve been in the workforce for decades now struggle with what for them is the new digital world of work. Many younger people fresh to the workplace know nothing but social networks, mobile apps and on-demand information. Maybe you’re adapting to a rapidly changing digital age. Or perhaps you’re a twenty-something “digital native”…

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Face time: 4 rules for optimizing collaboration

This is a guest blog post by Leigh Thompson, Professor at the Kellogg School of Management and author of the new book, Creative Conspiracy: The New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration. Professor Thompson’s research focuses on work-based conflict and team creativity and collaboration. Professor Thompson will be a studio guest during Digital Workplace 24, which will take place on…

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