Digital workplace insights from Amazon, Domino’s, Unilever and Fidelity International revealed in the Digital Workplace Impact podcast 

Digital workplaces are never done. There are constantly new challenges to overcome and opportunities to improve. And it’s a space that keeps on moving as both work and technology evolve – from the sudden rise of remote and hybrid work due to the pandemic, through to the new waves of innovation emerging via generative AI….

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Why it’s time to reframe the ‘return to work’ conversation

It’s said that a journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step. This appears to be particularly true of hybrid working. While the benefits of spending time in the office have been eulogized, gamified and incentivized, resistance to the ‘return to work’ message is also starting to grow. Last month, Salesforce pledged to donate…

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Time to fix hybrid work’s decades of ignored challenges

Hybrid work isn’t new. Most office workers have experienced it in various ways for many years. But many organizations have under-invested in solving the persistent challenges of hybrid work. Today we have rich opportunities to address both the new and old challenges of distributed work and, in so doing, build more resilient and productive companies….

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My seven lessons from Gartner’s first in-person digital workplace summit since 2019

The last Gartner Digital Workplace Summit was back in 2019. Yes, I know, it took place in the alternate reality of the world before ‘early 2020’! But now it’s back – so here are my reflections, with seven things I learned from participating in the first post-pandemic in-person Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London. This…

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Working with intention and purpose in a hybrid working world

Paul Miller kicked off our hybrid working blog series a few weeks ago with Why post-pandemic HQs must be big and small – at the same time, which shared examples of organizational ‘workspaces’ optimized for collaboration.  When you consider the relentless pace of organizational and technology change, the hybrid working holy grail is built on shifting sands…

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Why post-pandemic HQs must be big and small – at the same time

Everyone has an ‘office story’ in these post-pandemic times – and that tale tends to runs along now familiar lines: “I’m in the office sometimes but not anywhere near as often as before – and it’s working fine for me overall.”    Which, as we all know, leaves whole swathes of corporate real estate floundering as it’s…

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10 great digital workplace blog posts from 2022

2022 has been quite a year for DWG. We celebrated our 20th anniversary since kicking off our very first member meeting way back in 2002; we held another brilliant Digital Workplace of the Year Awards, highlighting some excellent work in the digital workplace and intranet space; and our consulting work with Esteé Lauder Companies was…

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How organizations support hybrid working: Takeaways from the Digital Workplace Impact podcast

DWG’s Digital Workplace Impact podcast, presented by Nancy Goebel, continues to explore critical and trending digital workplace topics through conversations with a wide variety of fascinating guests. Now more than 100 episodes and five years old, some recent episodes have touched upon remote and hybrid working, currently one of the hottest topics for digital workplace…

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Delivering internal communications and intranet content in a hybrid workplace: the challenges and opportunities

Guest author, Annette Corbett, identifies some quick wins and reasons to be optimistic about the future of internal communications and content in the digital workplace.

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Digital workplace resilience – key practices in a (post) pandemic world

Learning from the pandemic period to improve digital workplace resilience for future adverse events , whatever they may be, should be a key focus for digital workplace teams. Teams need to look at what was rapidly put in place, to decide what worked, what could or should be adjusted or adapted, and what can be learnt…

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Advanced practices for hybrid working 

Are we asking the right questions when we talk about hybrid working? DWG’s recent research delves into this topic in more detail.

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