This is no April fool: Tours of 14 major company digital workplaces – all free

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All 14 live digital workplace tours for Digital Workplace 24 are now confirmed, with names such as Adidas, Adobe and Arup signed up to present. Register free to see any or all of the live tours.

Digital Workplace 24 (DW24) in 2015 - May 20 and 21

Okay okay, so this time last year we may have pulled your leg a little, with our “World’s Best Intranet” prank for My Beautiful Intranet 2014. But it was April Fool’s Day, and our mischievous side was allowed out to play and frolic and caper.

This time round, we’re a year older. We’re more mature. More refined. So I want to be absolutely crystal clear: what I’m about to share is no joke. If you could see my expression, you’d see that I am wearing my serious face.

Digital Workplace 24 is Digital Workplace Group’s free, online, global conference taking place over 24 hours from May 20th to 21st this year. Every hour will see great insights and case studies from practitioners and thought leaders who are leading the way in the Digital Renaissance of Work.

We can now release the line-up of our 14 live digital workplace tour presenters, who will each be beaming their screens on to your screens, to walk and talk us through the intranets, apps, platforms and portals that make up their own digital workplaces. Practitioners will join us from companies such as Adidas, Adobe, EY, American Express and IKEA. For free. In real time. For free. Again, this is not an April Fool’s joke. Serious face.

Here is each of those live tours, showing the hour they will be online, with prime times highlighted in blue for each timezone. For those who still aren’t convinced, you can find out more about Digital Workplace 24. For those who are convinced, register for your (free) pass now. Members of the DWG Member Forum can also register via the private DWG Member Extranet.

HourLive TourAmsterdam
New York
San Francisco
Hour 1Adidas20th May: 1 pm20th May: 12 pm20th May: 7 am20th May: 4 am
Hour 2Electrolux20th May: 2 pm20th May: 1 pm20th May: 8 am20th May: 5 am
Hour 3AmEx20th May: 3 pm20th May: 2 pm20th May: 9 am20th May: 6 am
Hour 4Mayo Clinic20th May: 4 pm20th May: 3 pm20th May: 10 am20th May: 7 am
Hour 5Sprint20th May: 5 pm20th May: 4 pm20th May: 11 am20th May: 8 am
Hour 6Cisco20th May: 6 pm20th May: 5 pm20th May: 12 pm20th May: 9 am
Hour 7Adobe20th May: 7 pm20th May: 6 pm20th May: 1 pm20th May: 10 am
Hour 8Genentech20th May: 8 pm20th May: 7 pm20th May: 2 pm20th May: 11 am
Hour 9EY20th May: 9 pm20th May: 8 pm20th May: 3 pm20th May: 12 pm
Hour 10Unisys20th May: 10 pm20th May: 9 pm20th May: 4 pm20th May: 1 pm
Hours 11 to 20: Digital Workplace After Dark – details coming soon
Hour 21Arup21st May: 9 am21st May: 8 am21st May: 3 am20th May: 12 am
Hour 22Barclays21st May: 10 am21st May: 9 am21st May: 4 am20th May: 1 am
Hour 23Ikea21st May: 11 am21st May: 10 am21st May: 5 am20th May: 2 am
Hour 24BIG SURPRISE!21st May: 12 am21st May: 11 am21st May: 6 am20th May: 3 am

You can also find a listing of prime time hours for the Sydney, Australia (AEST) time zone on the DW24 “Schedule” page, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Digital Workplace 24 is a free virtual conference that fills a 24-hour period with live tours of intranets, collaboration platforms, enterprise mobile apps, HR portals and more. Each of the 14 hours of the show listed above will include a live site tour through some aspect of a globally recognized company’s digital workplace, as well as a fascinating and inspiring presentation from an industry expert. The 10 hours of “Digital Workplace After Dark” in the middle of DW24 will feature more in-depth and personal interviews with industry thought leaders.

DW24 is free to attend and the 24-hour format ensures rich content for viewers in every time zone. Viewers can tune in for any amount of time, up to the full 24 hours, or can dip into the event for specific hours that particularly interest them.

Register for Digital Workplace 24.

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Shimrit Janes

Shimrit is Director of Knowledge for DWG, focused on curating knowledge on the digital workplace for its members and clients such as Adobe, The Coca-Cola Company, and Ubisoft. Shimrit has worked with Paul and DWG colleagues on various initiatives, such as Digital Nations Group, as well as co-hosting the 24-hour global digital experience DWG24. She has had a number of research papers published with DWG on topics such as organizational readiness and collaboration. Shimrit lives in London, where she crochets, enjoys video games and keeps more books than the space allows.

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