Workgrid’s perspectives on digital employee experience and managing change

In the DWG Institute Q3 Technology Lab held in September 2020, Brett Caldon, CEO, Workgrid, and Frank Pathyil, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Workgrid, explored digital employee experience (DEX) and change management over two separate sessions. This post explores some of the main takeaways and insights. Recordings are also included. Workgrid’s perspectives on digital employee…

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Start digital workplace change management on day 1

by Steve Bynghall originally posted on CMS Wire I recently stumbled across a digital workplace project which allocated 80 percent of the budget to change management. Eighty percent! Clearly this team recognized the importance of taking a structured approach to driving behavioral change and embedding new ways of working. They knew that to unlock the…

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8 change management strategies for intranet and digital workplace projects

Intranet and digital workplace projects need change management in order to be effective and embed new ways of working. This article looks at change management recommendations pulled from a new DWG member research report.

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