Putting people at the centre of digital transformation

For decades, information technology (IT) solutions have focused primarily on technology features and functions, with the people impacted by them appearing to be only a secondary consideration. How did this situation arise? The answer is probably related to the history of IT development and delivery. In its early days – the era of mainframe computers…

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COOK: Great ingredients for creating community at work

If we thrive better together, and good relationships help with performance, then how can we successfully create and nurture strong communities at work? Our quality of life is dependent on the nature of our relationships – a  fact often forgotten in busy work settings. At award-winning UK home-ready meals company, COOK, the team actively focuses…

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From leader to learner – navigating the convoluted world of project management as a novice

In this blog we make the case for ‘project onboarding processes’ to support employees at all levels that have been tasked with working on a project for the first time.  We explore the aspects of project documentation, terminology and software (for which there is rarely a soft launch), as well as socializing the business case…

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DWG’s 2023 predictions for the digital workplace

by Nancy Goebel It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again! It’s November and that means Digital Workplace Group is abuzz with planning for the year ahead – our 2023 research, our year-end member survey, our calendar of events… and it also means it’s time to announce our 2023 predictions for the digital…

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Change management in the digital workplace: Nine tips for success 

Implementing and managing the digital workplace usually involves launching new tools and channels, introducing new ways of working, upskilling employees and increasing adoption. Change management is integral to digital workplace success and has long been a key activity for digital workplace teams.   Over the years, change management has regularly featured in DWG’s research programme as…

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Workgrid’s perspectives on digital employee experience and managing change

In the DWG Institute Q3 Technology Lab held in September 2020, Brett Caldon, CEO, Workgrid, and Frank Pathyil, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Workgrid, explored digital employee experience (DEX) and change management over two separate sessions. This post explores some of the main takeaways and insights. Recordings are also included. Workgrid’s perspectives on digital employee…

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Start digital workplace change management on day 1

by Steve Bynghall originally posted on CMS Wire I recently stumbled across a digital workplace project which allocated 80 percent of the budget to change management. Eighty percent! Clearly this team recognized the importance of taking a structured approach to driving behavioral change and embedding new ways of working. They knew that to unlock the…

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8 change management strategies for intranet and digital workplace projects

Intranet and digital workplace projects need change management in order to be effective and embed new ways of working. This article looks at change management recommendations pulled from a new DWG member research report.

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