16 ways to use social business to work smarter

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Some people who’ve been in the workforce for decades now struggle with what for them is the new digital world of work. Many younger people fresh to the workplace know nothing but social networks, mobile apps and on-demand information.

Maybe you’re adapting to a rapidly changing digital age. Or perhaps you’re a twenty-something “digital native” working to bring new ways of working to your company. Either way, the following list explains how to work smarter, not harder, in the age of digital working and social business.

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1. Develop metrics around measuring digital communications

Hear from Rebecca Richmond, Chief Operating Officer at Melcrum, about new research on how to measure and evaluate internal communications.

2. Link flexible working with enterprise social networking

Hear from Leon Benjamin, head of Virgin Mobile’s enterprise social business initiative, on how it links internal social software with flexible working for employees.

3. Engage executives in social business initiatives

Hear from Rachel Happe, Co-Founder and Principal at the Community Roundtable, on the latest research about how to successfully engage executives in launching online employee communities.

4. Use social software to make learning less formal

Hear from Dan Pontefract, Head of Learning & Collaboration at major North American TV, phone and internet provider TELUS, about how it uses enterprise social software to make learning more flexible, informal and effective.

5. Use gamification to drive employee recognition programmes

Hear from global consultancy Accenture about how its internal employee recognition programme uses gamification to drive collaboration.

6. Know the seven steps to building a culture of collaboration

Hear from award-winning author Evan Rosen about his latest book on how to change corporate culture to be more open and collaborative.

7. Get to know your workplace robots

Hear and see from Tim Lenihan, Director of Business Strategy at Anybots, about how telepresence robots are helping to improve global collaboration within companies.

8. Keep up with innovative examples of “the future of work”

Hear from Scott Lachut, Director of Consulting at PSFK, about its latest report on the “Future of Work” and cutting-edge technology in the workplace.

9. Integrate real-time feedback into your social intranet

Hear from Roie Edery, Vice President for Information Systems Operations at IPC The Hospitalist Company, on how it lets doctors give real-time feedback to improve a highly successful social intranet.

10. Know the new rules of breakthrough collaboration

Hear from Professor Leigh Thompson from the Kellogg School of Management on the myths about creativity and collaboration and how to get a team to actually collaborate effectively.

11. Apply John Kotter’s 8-stage transformation process to your business

Hear from Weston Solutions, winner of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC), on how it used management guru John Kotter’s transformation framework to move its intranet to the top of the WIC leader board.

12. Use iPads to help pilots and other front line staff lighten their work loads

Hear from Captain Jim Freeman on how Alaska Airlines’ use of iPads is transforming everyday business processes for pilots and other front line staff.

13. Understand how to integrate technology into the physical workspace

Hear from flexible working pioneer Ann Bamesberger on how to effectively integrate technology with physical office space.

14. Use a social intranet to enable knowledge sharing in a global company

Hear from Community Manager Nikhil Nulkar on how innovative global software development agency ThoughtWorks brings together its highly skilled international staff to share knowledge online.

15. Use mobile technology to make life easier for customer-facing employees

Hear from Dave Shepherd, Head of Frontline Help at Barclays, on how it has created a mobile environment to help front line employees do their jobs more easily.

16. Enable employee self-service for HR tasks online

Hear from Jomari Jonck and Saskia Hoppe on how Coca-Cola Enterprises has crafted an award-winning intranet that lets employees complete HR tasks seamlessly online.

These 16 examples are just a sample from the 24 consecutive sessions of Digital Workplace 24. The event is free and will showcase the best of workplace technology today.

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Ephraim is a communicator, community builder, digital strategist and employee experience leader. He helps innovative, growing organizations provide meaningful experiences of work that enrich employees' lives, grow strong, positive organizational cultures, build community, drive productivity and performance, and bring employer brands to life.

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