Nine key communications, content and employee engagement trends

In DWG’s recent annual update on Communications and Content, research author, Nicole Carter, looks at the latest trends in internal communications, content strategy and employee engagement. The research identifies three key trends within each of the topic areas: Internal communications Crisis communications – repurposing existing plans and widening the scope of what is considered a crisis…

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Seven digital workplace takeaways from the 2021 DWG member survey

Digital workplaces and the ways in which employees work are always in a state of flux – but the past year has shown just how dramatic such change can be, with intranets, digital workplaces and the teams behind them having to adapt rapidly to new needs and circumstances. Here at DWG, we keep a keen…

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DWG member story: Prudential Financial, Inc.

Prudential Financial, Inc. is an American Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 company, whose subsidiaries provide insurance, investment management, and other financial products and services to both retail and institutional customers throughout the United States and in more than 40 other countries. The organization counts around 50,000 employees, located across the United States, Asia, Latin…

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Five ways to be an effective digital leader

Effective digital leadership is essential; now more than ever. We explain how you can demonstrate exceptional management, from afar. Being a manager often means you’re away from the office. Whether you’re attending meetings across the country or networking at a conference, successful leadership isn’t confined within the workplace. The arrival of COVID-19 has meant effective…

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Ten popular posts about the digital workplace from DWG’s expert blog in 2019

2019 has been another very busy year here at DWG! As well as working on our normal programme of member meetings, executive visits, research reports, online sessions, consulting projects and benchmarking assessments, we also managed to deliver another DW24, curated the Digital Workplace Experience (DWX) conference in Chicago and announced a new partnership with Avanade….

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My 10 digital workplace predictions for 2020

I’ll start with a story that for me reveals how profound the changes currently encircling the world of work (both digital and physical) are. In September 2019, I gave an address at the Washington, DC headquarters of DWG member and client, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to what I had expected would be a mainly…

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Why improving the digital literacy of citizens is crucial for both the digital nation and the future of work

I thoroughly enjoy the conversations that DWG’s Digital Nations Group (DNG) gives us the space to pursue; they carve out a little time to pause for a moment and think big about what developments in digital mean for our wider world, and how that may, in turn, impact the workplaces that we’re all so involved…

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What universities can teach digital workplace people

University of Leicester is leading the way with its “Digital Campus”. More than just the university’s web presence, Ross Parry, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Digital), and Lauren Vargas, Digital Fellow, explain what the “Digital Campus” is and share some remarkable examples of how technology is being used across the university to enhance learning and teaching, facilitate research…

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12 things to consider as you embark on digital skills initiatives in your organization

In DWG’s 2017 Member Survey, we asked about digital literacy initiatives for the first time. This is an area where many companies are active, with interventions ranging from basic elements such as online guides, e-learning modules, or hints and tips, through to more ambitious, formalized programmes with extensive digital curricula, champion networks, help communities, and…

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