From recruitment through
to an employee’s final day

Digital tools and touchpoints play an increasingly important role in the overall employee experience. Ensuring that digital employee experience aligns with other aspects of work such as the physical workplace, organizational culture and workplace policies, is an increasing focus for HR functions and digital workplace teams. Getting this right requires strategic thinking and a laser-sharp focus to detail on all stages of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment through to an employee’s final day.

importance of digital employee experience
employee experience through mobile phone technology

Our approach

Here at DWG, we have strong experience in all the components that make up digital employee experience. As practitioners and consultants, DWG-ers have worked extensively on digital employee experience strategies and approaches, we well as improving specific “moments that matter” such as employee onboarding, learning and development and everyday HR transactions. For several years we’ve also been thought leaders on the topic of remote working and the relative impact on organizations, teams and individual employees.

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