Why it’s time to reframe the ‘return to work’ conversation

It’s said that a journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step. This appears to be particularly true of hybrid working. While the benefits of spending time in the office have been eulogized, gamified and incentivized, resistance to the ‘return to work’ message is also starting to grow. Last month, Salesforce pledged to donate…

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My seven lessons from Gartner’s first in-person digital workplace summit since 2019

The last Gartner Digital Workplace Summit was back in 2019. Yes, I know, it took place in the alternate reality of the world before ‘early 2020’! But now it’s back – so here are my reflections, with seven things I learned from participating in the first post-pandemic in-person Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London. This…

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From leader to learner – navigating the convoluted world of project management as a novice

In this blog we make the case for ‘project onboarding processes’ to support employees at all levels that have been tasked with working on a project for the first time.  We explore the aspects of project documentation, terminology and software (for which there is rarely a soft launch), as well as socializing the business case…

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Celebrating the best digital workplaces – 5-year trends from DWG’s awards

In this spirit of sharing and celebration, we have taken a journey back through the winners from the first five years of the Digital Workplace of the Year awards to enrich DWG members and the wider industry with their examples. 

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