Tom Ford: Refashioning HR at an iconic brand

In this warm and thoughtful conversation, change-maker Abigail joins Paul for the latest episode of Rewilding Work with Paul Miller, sharing more on her new role and how she’s approaching this challenge.

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9 ways to deliver an integrated digital workplace experience

Over the past decade, the evolution of the digital workplace has increasingly involved the creation of more integrated digital workplace experiences that set out to weave together different applications into a consistent and coherent whole. By bringing together opportunities for employees to seamlessly access features, view data and complete simple transactions from disparate applications without…

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Winner of Digital Workplace Team of the Year 2023 – EY

DWG is pleased to announce that the 2023 winner of Digital Workplace Team of the Year is EY’s Digital Knowledge Platforms team, as revealed by DWG Director of Research, Elizabeth Marsh, during a special live awards event on September 5.  Now in their seventh year, the awards are produced by DWG and celebrate organizations and…

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How to train publishers and content owners for your SharePoint intranet 

An intranet is only as good as its content. You can have a beautiful design, amazing integrations and all the latest bells and whistles, but if your content has no value, is out of date, badly written or hard to find, then your intranet is not a success. Ultimately adoption will suffer.   Most intranets rely…

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Looking for a playbook for the digital workplace? DWG’s 2023 Research Programme is here!

In 2023, we’re excited to add six new original research papers to our existing library of over 100 reports and 200 case studies. You can see all the details in the new fact sheet for the programme.   DWG’s CEO, Nancy Goebel, says: “In our year-end 2022 feedback survey, DWG members told us that they use…

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Why robust information management is critical for digital workplace governance 

Information management (IM) comprises an important set of disciplines and activities – and yet, while it often gets mentioned in passing, it doesn’t always attract the attention (and investment) it deserves. As we rely more on the digital workplace, the need for strong governance becomes increasingly clear. Here, robust information management activities, such as having…

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DWG Technology Exchange: Employee onboarding with Unily

In an April 2022 Technology Exchange, Unily talked about how its employee experience platform supports employee onboarding, demoing how the Unily team use it themselves for their own new starters. This post offers some takeaways from the session.

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Intranet strategy and intranet design: the pillars of a winning modern intranet 

Modern intranets make employees’ working days more convenient and manageable by connecting them to information, tasks and people. They are personalized and available anywhere they’re needed, offering an amazing user experience.   But what does it take to make a winning modern intranet?  In this article, we’ll explore what it takes with learnings and intranet screenshots…

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Seven digital workplace takeaways from the 2021 DWG member survey

Digital workplaces and the ways in which employees work are always in a state of flux – but the past year has shown just how dramatic such change can be, with intranets, digital workplaces and the teams behind them having to adapt rapidly to new needs and circumstances. Here at DWG, we keep a keen…

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Five core truths about managing digital workplace programmes

How do you manage the digital workplace? This is a key question for teams delivering a digital workplace strategy and then making it operational. With the scope of the digital workplace wide and not always clear, as well as frequently involving multiple stakeholders and requiring significant levels of change, managing the digital workplace is potentially…

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The long-term implications of COVID-19 on employee experience – what happens next?

Employee experience post-pandemic: A time for recalibration During the last 10 years, a wonderful evolution has taken place in top-rated workplaces, as they’ve recognized that employee experience (EX) is a competitive differentiator in attracting and retaining top talent. Much of the investment made during the last decade has gone into reinventing the physical workspace –…

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Digital workplace overload: How to reduce employee technostress

We live in a time of unprecedented digital workplace “wealth”. The knowledge, connectivity and tools at our fingertips afford us new possibilities in how we work. And this year, we’ve seen just how essential this is in order to keep many people working, collaborating, productive and connected. Yet there’s another side to this story. We…

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