AmBank’s intranet to digital workplace journey – Mar 3 Digital Workplace Live

February 16, 2015 by

Webinar summary: AmBank Group has spent the beginning of 2015 launching its intranet revamp, which forms the first phase of a wider digital workplace vision. Get a sneak peek of the improved platform, which has taken inspiration from the DWG community via their Digital Workplace Live subscription.

Show topic:
  • Live Tour: AmBank shares its newly launched intranet, “Connected 2.0”
  • Debbie Forster, UK Managing Director of Apps for Good
Date & time:Tues, March 3rd | 11:00 New York-EST · 16:00 London-GMT
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AmBank enhances intranet based on tours and insights from Digital Workplace Live subscription

When AmBank Group submitted its intranet to My Beautiful Intranet 2014, it was voted into the top 5 entries by our community.

Now, with inspiration drawn from the many fantastic live tours they’ve seen through their Digital Workplace Live subscription (such as EY, Mayo Clinic and Verizon), the AmBank Group team is ready to share their next iteration of Connected.

Join us on our March 3rd episode of Digital Workplace Live to see a live tour of AmBank’s beautiful new intranet, and hear about the inspirations behind the changes they’ve made.

Ambank’s intranet revamp forms a building block to a digital workplace solution, with more integrated intranet services also in the pipeline.

Joining us will be Muhammad Imran Bin Abd Halim, Head of Group Operations Design and Development

Apps for Good: Helping young people write the code to change their future

A debate that we’re hearing more and more is the need for improved digital education for children and young people. As the Digital Renaissance of Work continues to emerge, we need to make sure future generations are well-equipped to make the most of – and shape – a digital world with potential that we’re only just beginning to get to grips with.

Apps for Good is a non-profit that has developed creative learning programmes to help students research, design and make digital products – and then take them to market. The process helps instill confidence in the young people, encourages them to work collaboratively, and sets them up to make a positive difference to their world.

I’m delighted to announce that Debbie Forster of Apps for Good will be joining us on March 3rd, to share more about their programmes and the trends they’re seeing. And the great news is that DWG donated $1 for every DW24 registration, between January 1st and February 12th, in order to support this worthwhile and much-needed cause. For those who haven’t yet signed-up, DW24 is a free, 24-hour version of our monthly Digital Workplace Live.

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