Putting employees at the centre of employee experience 

by Rob Ryan, Director of Product Marketing and Business Value, Workgrid Software The digital workplace hasn’t been built for employees Organizations have been working hard to optimize the digital workplace. They’ve delivered all the tools, platforms and resources employees could possibly need to be effective. Yet, the employee experience continues to suffer, with 61% of American…

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DWG Technology Exchange: Employee onboarding with Unily

In an April 2022 Technology Exchange, Unily talked about how its employee experience platform supports employee onboarding, demoing how the Unily team use it themselves for their own new starters. This post offers some takeaways from the session.

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5 winning digital workplaces 

Winning digital workplaces are at the heart of how work happens in organizations. They enable a connected experience of digital tools and information for colleagues across the organization. They are smart and personalized, with multiple front doors that allow seamless access for workers wherever or however they work. And in 2022, they critically enable hybrid…

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The current state of Viva Learning – and some recommendations

By Patrik Bergman It will come as no surprise to digital workplace practitioners that Microsoft has released Viva Learning as part of its Viva suite. This is a welcome initiative since learning in the flow of work should be a natural part of any digital workplace, however there are some things to know about the…

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DWG’s expert blog: Ten great digital workplace articles from 2021

2021 has been another challenging year for everybody due to the pandemic; it’s also been another year when the digital workplace has proved utterly essential to supporting hybrid and remote working. Previously, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and ServiceNow might have felt like niche topics, but these days we see advertisements on mainstream television for them, and…

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Why HR is the essential digital workplace partner

Maturity is the act of knowing when and how to behave at the right time and in the right place. Maturity is subjective. Maturity is a fluid state. Just as there is no one path to maturity for a human being, there is no one path towards digital maturity for an organization. The quest for…

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The hybrid digital workplace with Workgrid and AES

For this September 2021 DWG Institute Technology Exchange, we were joined by Troy Campano, Chief Product Officer, Workgrid, and Angie Wyatt, Director, Global Director Workplace Experience, The AES Corporation, to talk about the how the Workgrid platform is improving the employee experience in the hybrid digital workplace. This post explores some of the main takeaways…

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How organizations support employee experience: takeaways from the Digital Workplace Impact podcast

I find it hard to believe that we are already up to 85 episodes of Digital Workplace Impact, DWG’s innovative podcast covering all aspects of the digital workplace. 85 episodes! I remember covering the very first episode in a post for DWG members and since then the podcast has gone from strength to strength, featuring…

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Workgrid’s perspectives on digital employee experience and managing change

In the DWG Institute Q3 Technology Lab held in September 2020, Brett Caldon, CEO, Workgrid, and Frank Pathyil, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Workgrid, explored digital employee experience (DEX) and change management over two separate sessions. This post explores some of the main takeaways and insights. Recordings are also included. Workgrid’s perspectives on digital employee…

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