Could a behind-the-scenes preview of your digital workplace help attract talent?

By Mirsad Capric Consider this: many major life decisions are made after having a trial of what’s to come: The process of taking a new job, another significant life decision, can also provide some glimpses into what to expect, as you meet potential colleagues for interviews and visit the office for on-site conversations. Yet, collectively,…

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COOK: Great ingredients for creating community at work

If we thrive better together, and good relationships help with performance, then how can we successfully create and nurture strong communities at work? Our quality of life is dependent on the nature of our relationships – a  fact often forgotten in busy work settings. At award-winning UK home-ready meals company, COOK, the team actively focuses…

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Why you can’t manage knowledge – and what to do instead

By Ilana Botha Workers are drowning in information. The sheer volume of content created in an average workplace is staggering. In 2021, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data were created every day. Workers struggle to identify the knowledge and information they need for their jobs – spending nearly four hours a day searching.  The effort is…

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Time to fix hybrid work’s decades of ignored challenges

Hybrid work isn’t new. Most office workers have experienced it in various ways for many years. But many organizations have under-invested in solving the persistent challenges of hybrid work. Today we have rich opportunities to address both the new and old challenges of distributed work and, in so doing, build more resilient and productive companies….

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10 great digital workplace blog posts from 2022

2022 has been quite a year for DWG. We celebrated our 20th anniversary since kicking off our very first member meeting way back in 2002; we held another brilliant Digital Workplace of the Year Awards, highlighting some excellent work in the digital workplace and intranet space; and our consulting work with Esteé Lauder Companies was…

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DWG’s 2023 predictions for the digital workplace

by Nancy Goebel It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again! It’s November and that means Digital Workplace Group is abuzz with planning for the year ahead – our 2023 research, our year-end member survey, our calendar of events… and it also means it’s time to announce our 2023 predictions for the digital…

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Why content management is the catalyst for a great digital workplace experience – 5 pointers to getting started 

Research the definition of a digital workplace and you’ll find a topic shrouded in subjectivity, as outlined in the article ‘What is a digital workplace?’ by ThoughtFarmer.   What you won’t find is any mention of content management – the connective tissue which forms a digital workplace – or the importance of the role it…

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Digital workplace, digital employee experience, intranet; what’s the difference?  

You are about to launch an intranet, but it goes beyond what a ‘traditional’ intranet typically is, offering integrations with a number of other apps. Perhaps this is a digital workplace then? But it is also focused on improving the overall experience of employees; so, is this in fact a digital employee experience platform? And,…

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Why integrating SaaS services is critical for the digital employee experience  

The easy availability of cloud-based services, usually offered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, has opened up a range of advanced, lightweight solutions that can be easily deployed throughout a business, often without much involvement of the central IT function. These services then don’t need to be actively managed by the IT function, as elements like…

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7 takeaways about Microsoft Viva from new DWG research 

When Microsoft announced the launch of Viva in early 2021 – a new ‘employee experience’ platform that is mainly delivered through Microsoft Teams across four distinct apps (Viva Connections, Learning, Topics and Insights) –  there were huge levels of interest from a wide selection of different stakeholders including intranet and digital workplace teams. Fast forward…

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Putting employees at the centre of employee experience 

by Rob Ryan, Director of Product Marketing and Business Value, Workgrid Software The digital workplace hasn’t been built for employees Organizations have been working hard to optimize the digital workplace. They’ve delivered all the tools, platforms and resources employees could possibly need to be effective. Yet, the employee experience continues to suffer, with 61% of American…

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DWG Technology Exchange: Employee onboarding with Unily

In an April 2022 Technology Exchange, Unily talked about how its employee experience platform supports employee onboarding, demoing how the Unily team use it themselves for their own new starters. This post offers some takeaways from the session.

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