About DWG

Digital Workplace Group (DWG) is a strategic partner, covering all aspects of the evolving digital workplace industry through membership, benchmarking and consultancy services. DWG provides expert advice, peer connections, research and insights to guide and support organizations globally on their journey towards digital workplace success.

We dig deeper and make connections

DWG can get you into direct conversation with the right peers in ways that save you time, money and mistakes. We dig deeper to understand your challenges and make connections – confidentially, securely and quickly.

We are technology independent

DWG provides vendor-neutral, unbiased advice and practical support to digital workplace and intranet practitioners. Our expertise is rooted in strategy, people and processes, and allows us to work alongside your technology provider.

We are a boutique consultancy

DWG focuses solely on digital workplace services, and we are flexible and quick! Unlike large consulting firms who are prevented (due to client confidentiality) from sharing anything they have learned from their other clients, our members have specific confidentiality agreements with DWG that explicitly permit and encourage us to share insights gained from within the member community of more than 80 other large organizations.

We’ve been in this business for a long time

DWG was founded in 2002, known then as the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF), to benchmark intranets and enable peers to connect and share best practice in a confidential setting. Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength and have unrivalled knowledge hubs including topical research reports, live tours and benchmarking league tables.

We have played a key role in shaping the digital workplace industry itself since 2009

Our Founder, Paul Miller popularized the term 'digital workplace' back in 2009 to describe the wider eco-system of workplace technology. He wrote the industry-defining book ‘The Digital Workplace – How Technology is Liberating Work’, and since co-authored two books: ‘The Digital Renaissance of Work: Delivering digital workplaces fit for the future’ with Elizabeth Marsh, DWG’s Research Director; and ‘Nature of Work' with Shimrit Janes, DWG’s Director of Knowledge.

Industry recognition

Our story

As a digital workplace practitioner you can’t simply ‘Google’ what your competitors are doing, like you would a website.

That’s why DWG created a confidential community where digital workplace, intranet, corporate communications, HR and IT practitioners can openly share experiences, see inside other digital workplaces, ask questions and learn from each other, be that through DWG membership, benchmarking or consulting.

And even before the pandemic, we could see that a new story of work was needed, a story for the living age.

Why journey alone when you can join DWG?

DWG’s mission

To guide and support organizations globally on their journey towards digital workplace success through expert advice, peer connections, research and insights.

DWG’s vision

To accelerate the digital transformation of workplace experiences to unlock innovation, productivity and collaboration.

DWG’s focus

To connect, advise and measure the world’s digital workplaces.

Our history

What our members say

DWG is like the Library of Congress - there are so many resources!​

International Monetary Fund

I really value the consultancy side of DWG and being able to set a path towards a particular objective and have DWG at the table to help support the thinking and the challenge around it.

Northwestern Mutual

Don't journey alone

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All year round, our member community is sharing experiences and insights in a confidential setting. Whatever challenges you face, there’ll be someone in the DWG fold who’s been there and can steer you in the right direction.

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