Benchmarking areas

DWG’s new set of benchmarks can help your digital workplace or intranet grow, wherever you are on your journey. You can request specific information on each of our benchmarks by contacting us.

Modern Intranet Management

Digital Communication Channels

Intranet Usability

Digital Workplace Maturity

Digital Workplace Management

Digital Collaboration

Digital Workplace Experience

Why benchmark?

Our clients undergo benchmarking for a variety of reasons. Some seek objective data to inform strategic decision-making and improvement programmes. Others require a baseline measure to gauge the later impact of a planned development (and will often perform a repeat evaluation after implementing the change).

DWG Benchmarking provides an accessible way to quickly obtain meaningful, verifiable data that will secure the ongoing success of your digital workplace.

For more use cases, check out the 7 ways DWG members use benchmarking evaluations.

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