Our fees vary depending on which services a member organization would like to access, and which currency they are using to pay. We also offer preferential rates to non-profits and NGOs. Please arrange a call to discuss your requirements.

Partner organizations tend to be larger enterprises, such as Fortune 1000 companies or equivalent. We welcome partners from both the private and public sectors. Please contact us if you would like to discuss eligibility.

Participants usually come from the multiple functions associated with the intranet and digital workplace. This may be the core intranet team and relevant colleagues from corporate communications, IT, marketing, digital marketing, Knowledge Management, HR, PMO or from the Executive Office. Their roles are generally at manager and VP/Director level.

Membership is purchased at an organizational level, and we encourage multiple people from your organization to be involved. However, there are limits on the number of people who can attend member meetings or take part in a benchmarking evaluation. We are always happy to discuss special needs. Please contact us if you would like more information.

We regard the intranet as a very important delivery channel within the wider digital workplace. The digital workplace also takes in tools such Yammer, HR self-service, messaging and social platforms.

We know that our consulting support must never compromise the impartiality that is core to our benchmarking service.

DWG has checks and balances in place to ensure there is clear separation between benchmarking and consulting. This separation is vital and resilient. We ensure that consultants do not have access to benchmarking data that clients don't want them to see. And we never seek consulting opportunities off the back of our benchmarking.

We are absolutely rigorous in ensuring the confidentiality of DWG Member data and opinions. This is of utmost importance to us and has been a central beam of our offering at DWG since day one. We build confidentiality requirements into all our contracts and agreements with employees, freelancers and other third parties. Where non-partner organizations are involved in events, for example, Non-Disclosure Agreements are applied.

You can see some of the benefits on our "Business case for membership" page.

Please visit our members page for a list of all our members. Some members have chosen to keep their identity confidential.

Yes, we can. We offer a consulting offering to non-partner organizations through our Digital Workplace Consulting arm.

Both. DWG has registered offices in both the UK and the US.

We don’t have a permanent physical head office, although staff and associates meet physically at least once a month for a co-working day, as well as at member meetings. Our experiences in this area have been very positive. It has helped shape our experiences and views on the digital workplace. You can find out more about this aspect of the Digital Workplace Group in Paul Miller’s book 'The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work.'

DWG is independently owned. As part of the Digital Workplace Group, it is owned by The Digital Workplace Forum Group Ltd, a UK-registered company. Paul Miller is the majority shareholder.

Paul Miller does occasionally speak at events. If you’re interested in booking Paul please email Kate Algar with details in the first instance.

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