DWG’s 2024 Research Programme helps members unlock digital workplace potential

In 2024, we’ll be helping DWG member organizations ramp up their readiness for AI, evolve the digital workplace team, enhance their product management approach, develop expertise at tracking trends and future signals – and more. This year we’re excited to add six new original research papers to our existing library of more than 100 reports and…

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Avanade: How to be an AI-first CEO – with Pamela Maynard 

The AI-first CEO has arrived – an exciting and transformational change in modern leadership. But what is an AI-first CEO? And what does AI leadership look like in practice?   To answer this, Pamela Maynard, Chief Executive Officer of Avanade, joins DWG’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Paul Miller, for the latest episode of Rewilding Work…

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Intuit: How customer obsession becomes employee obsession  

This time in Rewilding Work with Paul Miller, Priya Thummalapalli, Intuit’s Director of People Experience Solutions, shares her thoughts with Paul Miller, DWG’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

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Why it’s time to reframe the ‘return to work’ conversation

It’s said that a journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step. This appears to be particularly true of hybrid working. While the benefits of spending time in the office have been eulogized, gamified and incentivized, resistance to the ‘return to work’ message is also starting to grow. Last month, Salesforce pledged to donate…

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My seven lessons from Gartner’s first in-person digital workplace summit since 2019

The last Gartner Digital Workplace Summit was back in 2019. Yes, I know, it took place in the alternate reality of the world before ‘early 2020’! But now it’s back – so here are my reflections, with seven things I learned from participating in the first post-pandemic in-person Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London. This…

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IMF: How to generate inclusion in an (already) diverse workplace

An inclusive, more equitable organization is an intrinsically healthier organization. So, if this is the case, how can we focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in a way that fosters a true sense of belonging?  In this latest episode of the exciting new series, Rewilding Work with Paul Miller, DWG’s Founder and Chief Creative…

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How ChatGPT and generative AI will change the digital workplace

Once every few years a technology emerges that will change the digital workplace. The invention of the iPhone transformed the way all of us consume information. The emergence of Yammer helped to accelerate the spread of social technologies in the enterprise. And right now, the release of ChatGPT feels like one of those step changes…

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Cisco: How to reimagine purpose for a Silicon Valley icon

We’re thrilled to launch ‘Rewilding Work with Paul Miller’, DWG’s new series, capturing stories of how leaders are transforming their organizations through a living system lens.

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Why post-pandemic HQs must be big and small – at the same time

Everyone has an ‘office story’ in these post-pandemic times – and that tale tends to runs along now familiar lines: “I’m in the office sometimes but not anywhere near as often as before – and it’s working fine for me overall.”    Which, as we all know, leaves whole swathes of corporate real estate floundering as it’s…

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Looking for a playbook for the digital workplace? DWG’s 2023 Research Programme is here!

In 2023, we’re excited to add six new original research papers to our existing library of over 100 reports and 200 case studies. You can see all the details in the new fact sheet for the programme.   DWG’s CEO, Nancy Goebel, says: “In our year-end 2022 feedback survey, DWG members told us that they use…

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DWG’s expert blog: Ten great digital workplace articles from 2021

2021 has been another challenging year for everybody due to the pandemic; it’s also been another year when the digital workplace has proved utterly essential to supporting hybrid and remote working. Previously, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and ServiceNow might have felt like niche topics, but these days we see advertisements on mainstream television for them, and…

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Paul and Nancy’s 2022 predictions for the digital workplace

So, this is my seventh year of doing my best to predict the next 12 months for the digital workplace industry. It is always an intriguing experience gathering together potential predictions throughout the year to then decide towards the end of it which ones will have enduring value and influence for the year to come.  I like to include a mixture of aspects of the digital workplace to demonstrate the…

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