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“For several years DWG membership has provided Wells Fargo with practical insights into how other organizations are handling the big challenges we all face

– plus access to a wealth of expertise, research and answers we can trust.”

Christy Punch Wells Fargo

Christy PunchTeamworks Product Manager HR & Team Member CommunicationsWells Fargo

“In my opinion DWG benchmarking is the world standard for measuring digital workplace or intranet performance.

Their diagnostics provide detailed insights into strengths and weaknesses, plus recommendations for action. Practical reality is evidence: every time I acted upon DWG recommendations, things improved exactly as they predicted they would.”

Giovanni Piazza KPMG

Giovanni PiazzaHead of Global Collaboration and KnowledgeKPMG International

“DWG Consulting has been an essential ongoing support to us during our global intranet program.

The quality of experts, superb service, with a personal touch, has been so important for us.”

Kerry O'Donnell - Estée Lauder

Kerry O’DonnellExecutive Director, Global Digital CommunicationsEstée Lauder

Overview of services

The one page overview of our Member Forum and Consulting Services, with a downloadable PDF copy.

Benchmarking evaluations

How does the world’s most sophisticated intranet and digital workplace evaluation model work?

Project case studies

Explore examples of how large companies use our consulting services to solve critical problems.

Research library

Get insight from the world’s most comprehensive library of intranet and digital workplace research.

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