Giving employees the best content for their needs: Six approaches to success

Well-managed intranets, at the core of any digital workplace, must satisfy the daily needs of employees by providing trustworthy, relevant and task-focused content in line with defined standards and controls. At the same time, they must align with broader organizational goals, relating to collaboration and remote working. A strategic approach to the planning, implementation and…

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7 takeaways about Microsoft Viva from new DWG research 

When Microsoft announced the launch of Viva in early 2021 – a new ‘employee experience’ platform that is mainly delivered through Microsoft Teams across four distinct apps (Viva Connections, Learning, Topics and Insights) –  there were huge levels of interest from a wide selection of different stakeholders including intranet and digital workplace teams. Fast forward…

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Delivering internal communications and intranet content in a hybrid workplace: the challenges and opportunities

Guest author, Annette Corbett, identifies some quick wins and reasons to be optimistic about the future of internal communications and content in the digital workplace.

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DWG Technology Exchange: Employee onboarding with Unily

In an April 2022 Technology Exchange, Unily talked about how its employee experience platform supports employee onboarding, demoing how the Unily team use it themselves for their own new starters. This post offers some takeaways from the session.

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Intranet strategy and intranet design: the pillars of a winning modern intranet 

Modern intranets make employees’ working days more convenient and manageable by connecting them to information, tasks and people. They are personalized and available anywhere they’re needed, offering an amazing user experience.   But what does it take to make a winning modern intranet?  In this article, we’ll explore what it takes with learnings and intranet screenshots…

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Celebrating the best digital workplaces – 5-year trends from DWG’s awards

In this spirit of sharing and celebration, we have taken a journey back through the winners from the first five years of the Digital Workplace of the Year awards to enrich DWG members and the wider industry with their examples. 

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From fast-tracking findability to the intranet and Microsoft Viva – DWG’s 2022 Research Programme is here!

The votes are counted and the research briefs are already being written – it’s that time of year when we decide and announce the topics that DWG will cover in its latest annual Research Programme. You can see all the details in the new fact sheet for the programme. DWG’s Deputy CEO, Nancy Goebel, says:…

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DWG’s expert blog: Ten great digital workplace articles from 2021

2021 has been another challenging year for everybody due to the pandemic; it’s also been another year when the digital workplace has proved utterly essential to supporting hybrid and remote working. Previously, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and ServiceNow might have felt like niche topics, but these days we see advertisements on mainstream television for them, and…

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In 2021, modern intranets have never mattered more

Modern intranets matter! We’ve seen this beyond a shadow of a doubt over the last year or so. As organizations shifted to digital working, the best intranets played a critical role at the heart of the digital workplaces that kept so many workers connected and productive.  At DWG we want to celebrate the modern intranet…

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Seven digital workplace takeaways from the 2021 DWG member survey

Digital workplaces and the ways in which employees work are always in a state of flux – but the past year has shown just how dramatic such change can be, with intranets, digital workplaces and the teams behind them having to adapt rapidly to new needs and circumstances. Here at DWG, we keep a keen…

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DWG member story: Prudential Financial, Inc.

Prudential Financial, Inc. is an American Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 company, whose subsidiaries provide insurance, investment management, and other financial products and services to both retail and institutional customers throughout the United States and in more than 40 other countries. The organization counts around 50,000 employees, located across the United States, Asia, Latin…

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Technology-driven behavioural change: Seven key takeaways from the August Technology Exchange

Can you change behaviour with technology? At the DWG Technology and Research Institute we are working to evolve and improve our offerings that will help organizations on their technology evaluation journeys. In our latest Technology Exchange, we borrowed the successful “VOP3: Voice of the Practitioner” format from our DWG Institute Technology Labs, where we hear…

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