Pandemic 2020 – Endemic 2021 – and the Nature of Work

When the pandemic arrived unannounced in 2020, we discovered what was really essential in work. Mostly, this was not the physical places of work (although some did remain essential of course); it was the digital spaces where we could continue to meet and function. In developed economies, most of the workforce started to work from…

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Behind the scenes of Nature of Work at Burford Literary Festival

This episode of the Nature of Work podcast is your front-row seat at the first ever Burford Literary Festival. Co-authors Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes recall their experience of writing the Nature of Work book, sharing with the festival audience the story and vision behind the whole Nature of Work concept and explaining how walks…

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Healing the broken frontline of work

Hybrid working and return-to-office strategies are front of mind for many organizations right now. As we reimagine and redesign our workspaces, balancing the digital and physical, in-person and remote, organizations should be challenged that ‘return to office’ very definitely doesn’t mean just returning to the past.   The workplace has changed since the pandemic, with a…

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Imagine a workplace as beautiful as Gaudi’s Barcelona

Beauty is so much more than just that in the eye of the beholder, embracing also the emotions evoked in the heart of that beholder.  When you think of Barcelona, it’s hard not to conjure up images of Gaudi’s majestic architecture – an architect famous for taking common spaces and elevating them to a level of beauty where your emotions also have to rise to that level. Not just aesthetic beauty,…

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Isabel De Clercq on harnessing the power of connection

As part of the writing team behind Nature of Work, I interviewed some fascinating people across the digital workplace industry, finding out their perspectives on some of the key themes of the book. I enjoyed interviewing Isabel De Clercq, the Belgium-based founder of Connect | Share | Lead and author of two books, including Social Technologies in Business, which…

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Embracing heart and soul at iconic fashion brand Stella McCartney

Nature is a profound teacher. From the way gardens grow to how species take their rest when needed, there are many lessons deeply rooted in the structures, patterns and behaviours of the natural world from which organizations can learn as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and start to create the new story of work…

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Nature of Work: six more examples of organizations thinking as living systems

Nature of Work: The new story of work for a living age is a book that presents ideas intended to challenge the reader around how taking inspiration form nature can unlock new ways of thinking about work, management and organizations. At the heart of the book are twelve elements of nature that we explore in more…

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The hybrid workplace and return to the office; 10 approaches to consider

We’re still not out of the woods. The pandemic continues to ravage parts of the world – and even in places where COVID-19 is more under control, uncertainty and lockdown conditions remain. However, we are seeing substantial progress in vaccination programmes, which means a return to the office and the implementation of hybrid working patterns…

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The natural ingredients of work at ready-meals pioneer COOK

COOK Co-CEO, Rosie Brown, and Chief Creative Officer, James Rutter, discuss the importance of purpose, goodwill, community and relationships in building a flourishing organization.

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Mental Health Awareness Week highlights importance of empathy in the workplace

In 2020 the mental health of workers was put squarely in the spotlight when the world of work experienced one of the largest changes in living memory as workforces left physical workplaces en masse. Fast-forward more than a year, and with vaccine rollouts starting to take effect in many countries, workers are now facing fresh…

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#Connectwithnature for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week (May 10–16) focuses on the importance of nature and the powerful benefits it brings to our mental health and wellbeing.

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Six examples of organizations living and breathing the Nature of Work

Nature of Work: The new story of work for a living age is very different from the traditional business book. At first sight it looks more like a book about nature with lots of beautiful photos; and the text too demonstrably challenges prevailing traditional organizational thinking, including many passages about the natural world. But Nature of Work is…

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