Tom Ford: Refashioning HR at an iconic brand

In this warm and thoughtful conversation, change-maker Abigail joins Paul for the latest episode of Rewilding Work with Paul Miller, sharing more on her new role and how she’s approaching this challenge.

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Intuit: How customer obsession becomes employee obsession  

This time in Rewilding Work with Paul Miller, Priya Thummalapalli, Intuit’s Director of People Experience Solutions, shares her thoughts with Paul Miller, DWG’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

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COOK: Great ingredients for creating community at work

If we thrive better together, and good relationships help with performance, then how can we successfully create and nurture strong communities at work? Our quality of life is dependent on the nature of our relationships – a  fact often forgotten in busy work settings. At award-winning UK home-ready meals company, COOK, the team actively focuses…

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Grammarly: How to create connection with a remote-first approach 

How do you create social connection in a remote-first company? Does a regular cadence of communication and getting together make that all-important difference to success? And are there risks in not being intentional about how people experience office time?   In this latest episode of DWG’s compelling new series, Rewilding Work with Paul Miller, DWG’s Founder…

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Grundfos: When ecology is in your work DNA 

Work has the capacity to change the world for the better. Those in work and their organizations can have profound impacts on the way we live collectively. So, what can we learn from the pioneering social and ecological change agents who considered this from the very beginning of their organizations?  In this episode of DWG’s…

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Nature of Work – a year of insights 

“I look at where we are today and what we’ve learned from the podcast, and I think the diverse conversations – from what’s happening in Lucasfilm to being inspired by French values, and everything in between – show the journey we’ve been on over the last year … and also how Nature of Work as…

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Nature of Work: Imagining and realizing a more beautiful world of work

“I’m thinking about a regenerative organization as one that is really focusing on developing its talent rather than buying its talent. This means that it’s all about growing our collective capability of critical thinking and of caring for one another; caring about the life around us and really understanding that our actions have consequences and…

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Nature of Work: How nature and living systems can inspire meaningful change  

“The sheer wondrous, dynamic movement of nature is a reminder that we are all moving all of the time; we are all evolving all of the time.” Dr Kathleen Allen, Thought leader, author and trusted advisor  Change doesn’t really exist in nature because nature is change. So what lessons can we learn to take a…

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Dare to un-lead: The art of relational leadership

“I feel we need to understand that there’s a whole collective dimension in leadership, not in what leadership produces but in what leadership is.”  Céline Schillinger, Founder and CEO at We Need Social In this Nature of Work podcast, award-winning French entrepreneur, Céline Schillinger, talks with hosts, Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes, about her upcoming…

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Nature of Work in practice – with Intuit’s Priya Thummalapalli

“If we make a sea change and we need to see big shifts in mindset, it can only happen if it is anchored in processes and systems that can continuously evolve and enable this change. As a leader, I would definitely say the 12 elements [within Nature of Work] have covered everything. We can evaluate…

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Nature of Work – Reflections one year on

As we mark the first anniversary of the launch of the ground-breaking book, Nature of Work, the co-authors, Paul and Shimrit, are joined in the podcast studio by Lucy Colclough and Mark Catchlove.  Lucy, Founder of bio-inspired consultancy, workWILD, and Mark, Director of MillerKnoll’s Global Insight Group, are both passionate about improving how and where…

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Germans have the perfect word for how work should feel: ‘Arbeitswelt’

“There is a new university in Istanbul, designed with lots of open, outdoor spaces and indoor spaces with glass walls. So, you have this feeling that you are sitting in nature. And I think this shift is becoming more and more a reality.” Christine Kohlert  The past two years have sharpened our focus on topics…

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