Nurturing cultures of inclusivity and belonging with the digital workplace

Top of the list of Paul Miller’s digital workplace predictions for 2020 sits: “‘Accessibility’ rises in importance as part of a new ‘inclusive workplace’ focus”. This prediction – and aspiration – is aligned with how Paul sees 2020 kicking off what he’s termed the “Decade of Courage”. Here, he calls for all of us who have the capacity to do…

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Ten popular posts about the digital workplace from DWG’s expert blog in 2019

2019 has been another very busy year here at DWG! As well as working on our normal programme of member meetings, executive visits, research reports, online sessions, consulting projects and benchmarking assessments, we also managed to deliver another DW24, curated the Digital Workplace Experience (DWX) conference in Chicago and announced a new partnership with Avanade….

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“My City, My Office”? The rise of mobile working in and beyond our cities

Where are you working from today? Are you in an office space dedicated to your employer and colleagues? A co-working space occupied by any number and diversity of organizations? A café? Library? Home? Anywhere and everywhere?   Time was the answer to that question was seemingly obvious: for so-called office-based “white-collar workers”, it would be, well,…

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What digital workplace practitioners can learn from the Tech for Good movement

If you’re involved in the Tech for Good movement in any way, even if it’s “just” following #techforgood on Twitter, you will have come across a name that is very familiar in the digital workplace world, both to those involved with DWG and to those who follow Digital Nations Group: Paul Miller.  While the “DWG Paul Miller” has been…

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How a new ‘decentralized web’ will change the world of work

There’s a growing group of inspiring people from around the world who believe that the web is failing us, and envisage a new web, which is more open, private, secure and fun, known as DWeb. I speak to Wendy Hanamura, who tells us more about the DWeb movement; explains why we need to reboot our…

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Why improving the digital literacy of citizens is crucial for both the digital nation and the future of work

I thoroughly enjoy the conversations that DWG’s Digital Nations Group (DNG) gives us the space to pursue; they carve out a little time to pause for a moment and think big about what developments in digital mean for our wider world, and how that may, in turn, impact the workplaces that we’re all so involved…

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What universities can teach digital workplace people

University of Leicester is leading the way with its “Digital Campus”. More than just the university’s web presence, Ross Parry, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Digital), and Lauren Vargas, Digital Fellow, explain what the “Digital Campus” is and share some remarkable examples of how technology is being used across the university to enhance learning and teaching, facilitate research…

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8 things we learned from the “digital nations” track of DW24

Digital Workplace 24 2019 – the 24-hour online digital workplace festival hosted by DWG in February this year – was a wonderful whirlwind of live tours, expert interviews, Innovation Spotlights and brilliant music (the latter allowing our co-hosts time to eat, drink and stretch their legs…!). And while we had exciting and inspiring digital workplace…

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