Stop digital friction from killing employee productivity

By Rob Ryan, Director of Product Marketing and Business Value, Workgrid Software – Partners of DWG Institute Problems of the modern working age Let’s be honest. No matter how much we like our jobs, we’d all rather be independently wealthy than go to work every day. Of course we would. Work is defined as “activity…

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Celebrating the best digital workplaces – 5-year trends from DWG’s awards

In this spirit of sharing and celebration, we have taken a journey back through the winners from the first five years of the Digital Workplace of the Year awards to enrich DWG members and the wider industry with their examples. 

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From fast-tracking findability to the intranet and Microsoft Viva – DWG’s 2022 Research Programme is here!

The votes are counted and the research briefs are already being written – it’s that time of year when we decide and announce the topics that DWG will cover in its latest annual Research Programme. You can see all the details in the new fact sheet for the programme. DWG’s Deputy CEO, Nancy Goebel, says:…

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The current state of Viva Learning – and some recommendations

By Patrik Bergman It will come as no surprise to digital workplace practitioners that Microsoft has released Viva Learning as part of its Viva suite. This is a welcome initiative since learning in the flow of work should be a natural part of any digital workplace, however there are some things to know about the…

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Seven takeaways from the DWG Decade of Courage Manifesto Season 2

The workplace has changed. The pandemic rapidly elevated remote and distributed working to a scale and level of importance few had previously envisaged. Meanwhile, millions of employees are also thinking more deeply about the way they want their world of work to be – and vocalizing this. All of this presents an opportunity to change…

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DWG’s expert blog: Ten great digital workplace articles from 2021

2021 has been another challenging year for everybody due to the pandemic; it’s also been another year when the digital workplace has proved utterly essential to supporting hybrid and remote working. Previously, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and ServiceNow might have felt like niche topics, but these days we see advertisements on mainstream television for them, and…

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Paul and Nancy’s 2022 predictions for the digital workplace

So, this is my seventh year of doing my best to predict the next 12 months for the digital workplace industry. It is always an intriguing experience gathering together potential predictions throughout the year to then decide towards the end of it which ones will have enduring value and influence for the year to come.  I like to include a mixture of aspects of the digital workplace to demonstrate the…

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Why HR is the essential digital workplace partner

Maturity is the act of knowing when and how to behave at the right time and in the right place. Maturity is subjective. Maturity is a fluid state. Just as there is no one path to maturity for a human being, there is no one path towards digital maturity for an organization. The quest for…

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Remote working, organizational purpose and learning from nature: an interview with Dr Nicola Millard

One of the sessions I’m most looking forward to in Nature of Work Live is ‘Taming the Zedonk: Avoiding horrible hybrids’ by Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner at BT. Dr Millard is an excellent presenter, delivering insights into workplace trends in a warm and often very funny way, with the content frequently based on her own research…

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Nine key communications, content and employee engagement trends

In DWG’s recent annual update on Communications and Content, research author, Nicole Carter, looks at the latest trends in internal communications, content strategy and employee engagement. The research identifies three key trends within each of the topic areas: Internal communications Crisis communications – repurposing existing plans and widening the scope of what is considered a crisis…

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#Connectwithnature for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week (May 10–16) focuses on the importance of nature and the powerful benefits it brings to our mental health and wellbeing.

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Seven digital workplace takeaways from the 2021 DWG member survey

Digital workplaces and the ways in which employees work are always in a state of flux – but the past year has shown just how dramatic such change can be, with intranets, digital workplaces and the teams behind them having to adapt rapidly to new needs and circumstances. Here at DWG, we keep a keen…

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