‘Work at home’ or ‘return to office’?

The year 2023 has immersed the business world in a ‘remote work vs return to the office’ debate. We all have a view on this as workers but imagine yourself as a CEO. How would you chart a course for the best interests of your organization and its shareholders? Benjamin Franklin famously used ‘T-charts’ to…

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Time to fix hybrid work’s decades of ignored challenges

Hybrid work isn’t new. Most office workers have experienced it in various ways for many years. But many organizations have under-invested in solving the persistent challenges of hybrid work. Today we have rich opportunities to address both the new and old challenges of distributed work and, in so doing, build more resilient and productive companies….

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Why post-pandemic HQs must be big and small – at the same time

Everyone has an ‘office story’ in these post-pandemic times – and that tale tends to runs along now familiar lines: “I’m in the office sometimes but not anywhere near as often as before – and it’s working fine for me overall.”    Which, as we all know, leaves whole swathes of corporate real estate floundering as it’s…

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Digital workplace resilience – key practices in a (post) pandemic world

Learning from the pandemic period to improve digital workplace resilience for future adverse events , whatever they may be, should be a key focus for digital workplace teams. Teams need to look at what was rapidly put in place, to decide what worked, what could or should be adjusted or adapted, and what can be learnt…

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Creating an award-winning intranet with Unily and Cathay Pacific

Synopsis In a June 2021 DWG Technology and Research Institute Technology Exchange, we partnered with Unily and Cathay Pacific to hear about Cathay Pacific’s award-winning Unily intranet and how it is supporting everything from employee experience to hybrid working. Featured in the session were: Matthew Boyd, Product Evangelist, Unily Carly Nankin, Head of Internal Communications…

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The hybrid workplace and return to the office; 10 approaches to consider

We’re still not out of the woods. The pandemic continues to ravage parts of the world – and even in places where COVID-19 is more under control, uncertainty and lockdown conditions remain. However, we are seeing substantial progress in vaccination programmes, which means a return to the office and the implementation of hybrid working patterns…

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