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Intranets are a critical channel within the digital workplace, delivering compelling digital communications and ensuring employees find information and get things done. Modern intranets also provide a gateway into the wider digital workplace, bringing together content, findability, transactional capabilities and collaboration into one strong user experience. Some people argue that intranets have had their day and no longer deliver value; actually, when you develop and manage an intranet in the right way the opposite is true.

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DWG is proud of our reputation as global thought leaders, experts and influencers in the intranet space. Back in 2002 we started out as the Intranet Benchmarking Forum, and we love that we are still helping intranet teams around the world today. We have an impressive breadth of expertise in all aspects of intranet strategy, governance, operations and usability. Many DWG-ers have years of experience managing complex, global intranets and bring both expert knowledge and genuine passion to the intranet world.

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