Pivot!’s Rachel Murray interviews DWG’s Nancy and Shimrit on their mentoring relationship

Rachel Murray is a writer, careers mentor and founder of Pivot! Newsletter, and in 2020 she interviewed DWG’s Shimrit Janes (Director of Knowledge) and Nancy Goebel (Managing Director, Member Services) on the special mentoring relationship that has emerged between them over recent years, as part of a mentoring series for readers of her career-change focused…

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Taking a break from the digital workplace

Take a REAL break from the digital workplace. Can we? And, if so, should we? In my early graduate training days at Boots, my first manager taught me that being a good manager meant the office could function without you. Of course, that was in the days when we all went to a physical office….

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The girl in the bubble

I spent 14 years in a busy corporate office and today I work in the digital workplace, often physically sitting alone. So how does working in the digital workplace feel compared with a traditional physical office? My office-based ex-colleagues still ask: “Don’t you get lonely? Don’t you get distracted with laundry and household chores? Aren’t…

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