Looking for a playbook for the digital workplace? DWG’s 2023 Research Programme is here!

January 31, 2023 Updated: September 20, 2023

In 2023, we’re excited to add six new original research papers to our existing library of over 100 reports and 200 case studies. You can see all the details in the new fact sheet for the programme.  

DWG’s CEO, Nancy Goebel, says: “In our year-end 2022 feedback survey, DWG members told us that they use our research to help shape strategy, grow team knowledge, validate thinking and ideas, prepare for new projects, and gain credibility internally. 8 out of 10 members also emphasized that access to research and case studies is one of the best things about their membership. Along with our wider content programming, the research programme is developed in consultation with our members.” 

In 2023, we’ll explore the following topics in depth, extending our ongoing research streams around areas such as: measurement and impact, delivering a seamless, user-centred digital workplace, and looking from a sustainability angle. As well as new research projects, we’re continuing to update existing research in areas like Microsoft Viva, mobile experience, and communications best practice. 

We’ll be adding two new reports to our metrics and measurement research stream, which already includes reports on measuring the digital workplace and understanding business intelligence

  • Crafting the impact story for the digital workplace: gaining traction with a compelling narrative. In this report we tackle the challenges of demonstrating the importance of the digital workplace as a strategic asset head on, furnishing digital workplace teams with the know-how and the inspiration to weave great impact stories around the work they are doing and resulting achievements. 
    Download the research here.
  • Beyond metrics: making the most of cutting-edge capabilities for measurement to drive digital workplace decision making and strategy. Here we will provide digital workplace professionals with insights on the latest opportunities for measuring the digital workplace and how to make the most of them to help demonstrate impact and optimize digital employee experience. 

We’ll also be extending and updating our thought leadership and guidance around the sustainability aspects of the digital workplace, inspired by the vision for a new world of work set out in the book Nature of Work

  • The green digital workplace: the sustainability and environmental perspective. This report will give specific examples and insights into ways in which the digital workplace can play a role in helping organizations to become more sustainable in how they operate. 

User-centred, seamless digital workplace experiences remain challenging to deliver and therefore very much at the heart of our research programme. Previous reports on aspects such as creating user-centric content, setting up a user experience programme and improving organizational readiness (plus many more!) already provide extensive guidance in this area. Three new reports this year will help our members to deliver in this area: 

  • Innovating the digital workplace: creative approaches to weaving together tools in an integrated experience. Here we’ll look at a range of approaches to weaving together the various aspects of the digital workplace ecosystem into a cohesive and satisfying experience. 
  • Engaging employees throughout the digital workplace lifecycle: user-centric practices that foster engagement, adoption and innovation. Baking in user engagement activities at every stage of the lifecycle is a critical ingredient for great digital workplaces. This report will cover a range of tools and techniques to involve employees every step of the way. 
  • What tool when? Helping users make the most of the tools available to work, meet and collaborate in the digital workplace. As digital workplace tools – especially for communication and collaboration – continue to proliferate inside organizations, this research will offer practical guidance on how digital workplace teams can help employees to know what tool to use when. 

Download the 2023 DWG Research Fact Sheet to learn more about our research programme and the new topics on the roster for the year ahead. 

DWG’s Director of Research, Elizabeth Marsh commented: “In our annual survey, members gave us a clear message that topics relating to measurement and impact, as well as to bringing the digital workplace experience together, are priorities this year. We’re responding with a set of papers that combine thought leadership and inspiration with practical guidance and best practice examples. If ever there was a playbook for the digital workplace, it can most certainly be found in DWG’s extensive research library!” 

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