Nature of Work in practice – with Intuit’s Priya Thummalapalli

February 2, 2022

“If we make a sea change and we need to see big shifts in mindset, it can only happen if it is anchored in processes and systems that can continuously evolve and enable this change. As a leader, I would definitely say the 12 elements [within Nature of Work] have covered everything. We can evaluate where we are and we can reimagine where we need to go.”

Priya Thummalapalli, Director, People Experience Solutions at Intuit

Are we really experiencing the great resignation or is it a great migration? What does the idea of biodiversity mean for diversity and inclusion in organizations? And what is the habitat of hybrid working?  

It’s a year since the book Nature of Work was published. Since then, the ground-breaking ideas shared within it have provoked conversations internationally, on the power of new ways to describe and think about work as a living system. 

In this latest Nature of Work podcast episode, the book’s co-authors, Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes, are joined in conversation by Priya Thummalapalli, Director of People Experience Solutions at software company Intuit. 

The discussion brings to life Priya’s own reflections on some of the 12 elements in practice. She highlights the language of fear often used today and how this can shape everyday experiences, preferring instead to engage with alternative descriptions, a listening culture and approaches to growth and leadership that are reflected in nature.  

This wide-ranging conversation sees the group delve into areas relevant to leaders everywhere. What, for instance, does the concept of anti-fragility (first introduced by Nassim Nicholas Taleb) mean for us and how should we approach our organizational roles as ancestors of future generations? This episode gives useful insights on reframing the world of work during constant change. 

Listen to Episode 10: Nature of Work – Nature of Work in practice – with Intuit’s Priya Thummalapalli

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Your organization (and the world of work) are alive – and yet, for centuries, we have behaved as though organizations were machines. Now is the time for change.

Join Shimrit Janes and Paul Miller, co-authors of the groundbreaking book Nature of Work: The new story of work for a living age, in conversation with fascinating guests who are evolving workplaces from organizations to organisms. Each episode will inspire change-makers and make-changers to draw on patterns in nature to create and establish the more beautiful worlds of work our hearts and minds know is possible.

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