Nature of Work – a year of insights 

July 27, 2022

“I look at where we are today and what we’ve learned from the podcast, and I think the diverse conversations – from what’s happening in Lucasfilm to being inspired by French values, and everything in between – show the journey we’ve been on over the last year … and also how Nature of Work as an idea, a concept, taps into something kind of bigger than us. People are drawn to it and inspired by it; they’re passionate about it.”

Shimrit Janes, Director of Knowledge, DWG

After more than a year of insights, re-imaginings and thought-provoking conversations, the Nature of Work podcast series is metamorphosing to a new life phase.   

Join co-hosts and authors, DWG’s CEO and Founder, Paul Miller, and Shimrit Janes, Director of Knowledge, as they reflect on this series of rich and diverse discussions, and look to the future.    

Since the publication of their ground-breaking book, Nature of Work: The new story of work for a living age, the two have spoken with leaders from across the globe. They’ve discovered how nature’s patterns are influencing the creation of beautiful and varied workplaces, and delved deep into the quietly revolutionary concept that an organization isn’t a machine but a living organism. 

Evolution is certain and the next stage of Nature of Work’s lifecycle now beckons. For those drawn to the concepts and possibilities, there is the upcoming launch of the Nature of Work Forum, which marks the creation of a new community. Further research is planned and an exciting new channel, Rewilding Work, is on the horizon.  

So, to hear highlights from this first year of Nature of Work, as well as insights into how our two authors evolved their writing partnership into co-hosting a podcast, listen today. 

Listen to Episode 14: Nature of Work – a year of insights

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Your organization (and the world of work) are alive – and yet, for centuries, we have behaved as though organizations were machines. Now is the time for change.

Join Shimrit Janes and Paul Miller, co-authors of the groundbreaking book Nature of Work: The new story of work for a living age, in conversation with fascinating guests who are evolving workplaces from organizations to organisms. Each episode will inspire change-makers and make-changers to draw on patterns in nature to create and establish the more beautiful worlds of work our hearts and minds know is possible.

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