Celebrating the best digital workplaces – 5-year trends from DWG’s awards

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The Digital Workplace of the Year Awards, produced by Digital Workplace Group (DWG), celebrate those organizations and practitioners that have excelled at creating well-executed, high-performing digital workplace environments. 

Launched in 2017, the awards have acknowledged exceptional performance across a range of areas of practice, including: ambitious strategies, robust governance, effective business cases, groundbreaking features that make a difference, inspiring user engagement and – last but certainly not least – business impact that gets the attention of the C-suite.  

The award ceremonies have been moments of celebration that punctuate the hard work and diligence that are hallmarks of so many professionals in this industry. In this spirit of this sharing and celebration, we have taken a journey back through the winners from the first five years to enrich DWG members and the wider industry with their examples. 

The best digital workplaces 

Over the last five years, we’ve seen an impressive roster of winners from BNY Mellon in 2017 through to Adobe in 2021. As well as the overall Digital Workplace of the Year award, we’ve acknowledged a range of organizations for specific areas of practice such as user engagement, strategic vision, employee wellbeing, governance and hybrid enablement. 

Each year a judging panel of leading lights in the digital workplace industry deliberate over these awards in order to identify the best and most outstanding organizations and individuals. The judges assess entries across six key areas of digital workplace practice: 


Check out the DWG Awards Hall of Fame to learn more about the winners and download the report to find out about the all-time high scorers in each category! 

29 digital workplace trends 

Across the 6 pillars of the digital workplace award, we identified 29 themes or trends among the winning organizations of the first five years. They speak to important ingredients for the strategy and governance, such as audaciousness of ambition, clarity of vision, robustness and breadth of the supporting governance framework. The rationales behind the winning digital workplaces clearly articulate the ‘why’ behind the programme and the ways they will empower employees.  

In the areas of user engagement and impressive features, we see that people are always at the heart of the programme, right through the digital workplace lifecycle, and that the features are all about making a real difference for employees’ lives. Finally, the winners demonstrate – in clear facts and figures – the impact their digital workplaces make for the organization and for end users, they go well beyond the hits and clicks to measures of employee sentiment, cost reduction, productivity and even sustainability. 

Download the free report to learn more about the digital workplace trends and what some of the judging panel had to say about them. 

The passionate leaders 

Behind every great digital workplace is a passionate, persistent and experienced leader (with a high-performing team to support them). DWG’s Digital Workplace Leader of the Year award celebrates these leaders and, across the first five years of the awards, we’ve been stunned by the calibre of the candidates. 

In the report, we distill the 7 key success factors for digital workplace leaders. From pioneering visionary strategies and influencing stakeholders across the organisation, through to being empathetic leaders who listen to employees and empower their teams – these leaders are truly exceptional! 

We were thrilled to get a career update from the winner of the inaugural Digital Workplace Leader of the Year award, Kevin Cassady, then Managing Director of Digital Workplace at BNY Mellon. Cassady – now Global Head of Digital Workplace at PNC –  who talks about the evolution of the digital workplace and the professionals who are leading it, plus what it meant for him to win and the key attributes of a digital workplace leader.  

Download the free report to find out what it takes to be an award-winning digital workplace leader

Why not enter? 

A DWG award can provide organizations and practitioners with global industry recognition, celebrate your team’s digital workplace achievements and provide an opportunity to see how you measure up to others in the industry. 

Learn about the 2021 cohort of winners and get top tips for your entry in Digital Workplace Impact podcast episode 95, ‘What do Adobe, DBS Bank and Fidelity Investments have in common?’. 

Find out how to be part of DWG’s global celebration of digital workplace excellence and start your entry today on DWG’s website. 

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Elizabeth Marsh

Director of Research

Elizabeth Marsh is DWG’s Director of Research and author of its latest report ‘Digital workplace overload: How to reduce employee technostress’ (available free on our website). She’s worked as a practitioner, researcher and consultant in the digital workplace field for over 20 years and is a strong advocate for digital literacy and digital wellbeing at work. Elizabeth is currently doing a PhD at the University of Nottingham focusing on employee technostress and the potential of mindfulness to help reduce it. She also co-authored – with Paul Miller – the book ‘The Digital Renaissance of Work: Delivering digital workplaces fit for the future’.

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