How to develop an HR content strategy for your intranet – Webinar May 5th

On this webinar Wells Fargo shares its HR content strategy model for the intranet, plus Elizabeth Lupfer, founder of the The Social Workplace, shares insights on HR intranets and employee engagement.

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Intranet Innovation Award winner and James Robertson – Webinar, Dec 2nd

Webinar summary: Hear from James Robertson about the trends from the 2014 Intranet Innovation Awards (IIA) and see a live intranet tour from “Gold” winner, NNE Pharmaplan. Show topics: James Robertson, Managing Director of Step Two Designs and global intranet thought leader Live tour: NNE Pharmaplan, a Danish company that won a 2014 Gold Intranet…

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5 intranet accessibility myths and how to address them

Many intranet and digital workplace managers either consider accessibility irrelevant or mistake their inadequate efforts as exemplary. This article explains the most common myths of intranet accessibility and simple ways to address them. I know that in my last article I said the next post would be about card sorting, but we’re still waiting for…

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We finally found the world’s best intranet

Synopsis: As with the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, we always assumed the perfect intranet was a myth. But now we’ve found the world’s best intranet and have created annotated intranet screenshots explaining its many strengths. What does the best intranet in the world look like? And what makes it so great? From a thoughtfully…

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Profile proliferation: how multiple user profiles undermine your intranet

Many intranets, collaboration platforms and digital workplaces have evolved over the past few years to put people at their centre, often by enabling contributions from individuals through social tools, and also enabling “findability” centred on a person rather than a topic or piece of content. This trend has meant that an individual’s online user profile…

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Is your intranet’s employee directory an endangered species?

I’ve just completed a briefing paper for DWG and, I have to say, it’s been intriguing. I was asked to look at that stalwart, the employee directory, and what I found worried me. An unfulfilled promise A few years ago we knew where our favourite killer app was heading. It was going to be transformed from…

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The “hidden gem” that is DWG Research

Over in the UK the nation is getting into party mood as we start the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It’s also a year of celebration at DWG (formerly IBF) as it’s our 10th year anniversary and we’re excited about the New York and London member meetings coming up on 13-14 June. Something I’m very passionate…

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Intranet Love Affairs: Sending love and praise in the enterprise

On IBF 24 in 2011, one of my favourite items was the demonstration from Love Machine, one of a set of new technology start-ups involving Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life, and Ryan Downe, who walked us through the functionality. Their other projects include “Coffee & Power” and the “Worklist”, both also very interesting in…

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Designing great HR intranets

Even in the most “social” of intranets, there is still a need for areas of more structured static content. Human Resources areas fall into this category and are one of the most challenging parts of a corporate intranet to implement and manage. They are both heavily content-based and highly functional – a place to view…

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