Intranet Innovation Award winner and James Robertson – Webinar, Dec 2nd

November 25, 2014

Webinar summary: Hear from James Robertson about the trends from the 2014 Intranet Innovation Awards (IIA) and see a live intranet tour from “Gold” winner, NNE Pharmaplan.

Show topics:
  1. James Robertson, Managing Director of Step Two Designs and global intranet thought leader
  2. Live tour: NNE Pharmaplan, a Danish company that won a 2014 Gold Intranet Innovation Award
Date & time:Tues, Dec 2nd | 11:00 New York-EST · 16:00 London-GMT
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Integrated onboarding through the intranet

Intranet Innovation Awards James Robertson DWG FEATUREDNNE Pharmaplan is a Danish consulting and engineering firm that serves the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. With over 2,000 employees, offices in 25 countries and a growing business, NNE Pharmaplan encountered a strong need to improve its employee onboarding process.

The resulting intranet-based onboarding solution is what garnered them the Gold level Intranet Innovation Award this year. NNE Pharmaplan took an intranet-based approach to training for new employees.

The system integrates the intranet, the HR system, e-learning tools and the company’s corporate website, so truly is a digital workplace solution.

Join the December 2nd episode of Digital Workplace Live to see a live tour of NNE Pharmaplan’s award-winning, intranet-based employee onboarding solution.

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James Robertson on trends from the 2014 IIAs

James-Robertson-intranet-expertJames Robertson (@s2d_jamesr) is a global thought leader on intranets and the author of three extremely useful books about implementing intranets.

James is the Managing Director of Step Two Designs, an intranet consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. Step Two Designs runs the annual Intranet Innovation Awards and an annual intranet conference (Intranets2015 is the next iteration).

James will join Digital Workplace Live on Tuesday, December 2nd to discuss the trends amongst the winners of the 2014 IIAs, along with related topics..

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