What makes an award-winning digital workplace team?

May 2, 2023

Nominations for this year’s Digital Workplace of the Year Awards opened earlier this month. The awards, produced by Digital Workplace Group (DWG), celebrate those organizations and practitioners who have excelled in creating well-executed, high-performing digital workplace environments. We’re completely thrilled to introduce for 2023, our new Digital Workplace Team of the Year award.  

What winning digital workplace teams look like

DWG’s Digital Workplace Team of the Year award will recognize the outstanding teams in our industry that pioneer the digital workplace through exceptional teamwork and leadership, innovative and engaging approaches, and standout achievements and impact. 

Here are five elements that make winning teams stand out from the rest: 

#1 Strategic vision 

They are ambitious in what they set out to achieve and regularly hit goals that help fulfil this vision. Their vision rings true for colleagues because they are engaged in its formulation. Key stakeholders get onboard with the strategy and help the team make it happen – and they do so because they have confidence in the team’s plans and delivery record. 

#2 Teamwork and leadership 

Winning teams actively foster a positive and inclusive team culture and work collaboratively to form a high-performing team. They work closely together and support each other to achieve their goals, with mutual respect and trust at the core of their working practices. As we know from the Digital Workplace Leader of the Year award in previous years, these teams have pioneering leaders who inspire others and make things happen.  

#3 Engagement and change 

The best digital workplace teams don’t make guesses about what employees want and need; they engage with them and do research to help guide decision making and design. They also support employees to make the most of digital workplace tools. As well as communicating clearly with each other within the team, they also do so regularly and transparently beyond the team. 

#4 Innovation and learning 

Creativity is at the heart of the best digital workplace teams. They regularly come up with innovative approaches and solutions to deliver an exceptional digital employee experience. Team members exhibit a learning mindset and together they build continuous learning into their overall approach, regularly asking for feedback from stakeholders and end users. The team constantly expands its knowledge and skills through training, peer-to-peer sharing, and seeking out mentors. 

#5 Achievements and impact 

The delivery record for these teams is impressive, with standout achievements year on year. They measure progress, demonstrate impact, and communicate it widely. 

The best digital workplace teams also celebrate their wins! So why not tell us why your team deserves to win Digital Workplace Team of the Year 2023? (Remember, as with all DWG’s awards, you don’t have to be perfect to enter!) 

As well as the overall Digital Workplace Team of the Year award, teams will have multiple opportunities to win in category awards. A win in the awards signifies not only industry recognition for the individuals and organization involved, but also the opportunity to raise the team’s profile within the organization by weaving industry recognition into team impact communications. Lastly, we know that award entrants over the years have used the entry process to learn and grow as a team – in this case, it will require valuable reflection and insight on what it takes to build a high-performing team. 

Now in their seventh year, the awards give you and your organization the opportunity to share your digital workplace achievements with peers and to gain global, industry recognition! 

There are two other main awards for 2023: Digital Workplace of the Year and Modern Intranet of the Year as well as several category awards, so start your entry now. 


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