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Real-time communications (RTC), such as instant messaging, video calling, tele/video conferencing and internet relay chat, have become central to how people communicate and work inside organizations. During the COVID-19 crisis, these tools have assumed even more importance.

DWG’s new research report Communicating in real-time at work: The promise and the perils explores the ways organizations and teams use these tools under four main headings:

  • Too much choice
  • Adoption in organizations
  • Governance and etiquette
  • Organizational expectations and employee wellbeing.

The report looks at the current state of such tools, taking a snapshot of those used by a range of DWG member organizations, and considers the benefits and challenges of how they are used. It then presents practical approaches and tactics for how to optimize their implementation, adoption and use by employees, drawing on case studies to illustrate and bring out good practice and guidance on etiquette.

Without strategy or governance, however, these channels can risk confusion among team members around which option to use, and potentially cause dilution of messages, inefficiency in searching for information and data security breaches. The report outlines how these pitfalls can be avoided as well as how the implementation of RTC tools can be built on a firm foundation that supports both user and business goals.

Also considered is the role these tools play in the “always on” approach to work, where digital tools can prevent users from really “leaving the office” at the end of the day, with work chat and messaging pervasive and persistent, and increasingly encroaching into the home. Some strategies that organizations have used to protect their employees, as well as to promote downtime and wellbeing, are outlined in the report.

Featuring a number of examples from organizations, along with an in-depth case study from Diabetes UK, which focuses on how the charity used real-time communication and collaboration to help retain its high-quality team, this report will aid you in establishing useful, secure and robust RTC tools as part of your digital workplace.

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Communicating in real-time at work: The promise and the perils


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About the author

Nicole CarterLeading on consultancy projects focusing on intranet governance for DWG, Nicole Carter is a freelance consultant, researcher and editor specializing in intranets and digital workplaces, employee adoption of new corporate systems and business change.

She has a track record of delivering user-focused intranets and systems which make it easier for people to do their jobs. She led on the successful delivery of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s intranet, replacing those
of the eight fire brigades and Service college, which merged to form the new organization.

Fresh from that challenge, Nicole worked with Scottish Government to rationalize more than 50,000 pages of verbose content into something usable and useful. Through user testing and many iterations, Nicole has trained her eye to recognize a great piece of user-friendly copy at 100 paces. With a background in project management, business change, public relations, stakeholder communications and product design, Nicole enjoys the challenge of helping people to actually do something rather than just talk about it.

Nicole is enthusiastic about the flexibility of work and seeing organizations embrace the digital workplace.

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