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Join us on February 13, as Paul Miller discusses his digital workplace predictions for 2020

A chance to join a DWG member event

DWG’s Knowledge Exchange brings together intranet and digital workplace practitioners online from DWG member organizations to discuss a particular area of practice; they are an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience.

DWG’s founder and CEO Paul Miller outlines the key trends that he feels are most likely to shape the year ahead, via his highly anticipated digital workplace predictions for 2020.

This session will kick off with Paul scoring progress against his 2019 predictions. Then, we’ll talk through his 2020 predictions. Always lively, always engaging – and uniquely insightful.

Register here for Paul’s session on his digital workplace predictions for 2020

Thursday, February 13, 2020
08.00 PST / 11.00 EST / 16.00 GMT / 17.00 CET

Here are Paul’s 10 predictions for 2020, and for more detail, read his predictions blog:

  1. “Accessibility” rises in importance as part of a new “inclusive workplace” focus.
  2. Humans are winning – the “bots will replace us” dystopia is not unfolding in line with predictions, so organizations can invest in their people with confidence.
  3. Microsoft Teams rapidly affects ways of working through integration and innovation – outflanking its competitors.
  4. Digital literacy and work flexibility/mobility join forces as “fellow travellers” on the same journey – as we become both digitally smarter and more mobile.
  5. The youngest workers raise the digital bar ever higher – stimulating more distinctive, innovative and experimental digital workplaces.
  6. Environmental ambitions start to affect how and where work happens. Air travel declines (slightly) and virtual meetings (with video) continue their steady rise in usage.
  7. Hiring dedicated enterprise search experts gains ground – while intelligent search technology continually improves.
  8. Analytics, measurement and insights reveal hidden patterns in how work happens – as new dashboards start to be enabled.
  9. Increased budgets are allocated to behaviour and culture change, as these areas become recognized as key factors in digital workplace success.
  10. Importance and resourcing of ‘Digital HR’ accelerate as the digitization of the employee experience and ‘people factors’ get real attention after years of neglect.

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