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Join us on December 11, as we discuss bridging digital divides creating the inclusive workplace

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Digital Nations Group (DNG) Hangouts are online video sessions, where we explore a key DNG theme and what it means for the digital workplace.


What can we learn from steps being taken to limit the public digital divide? And what’s already being done within organizations to create more inclusive digital workplaces? In this Digital Nations Group Hangout, join DWG’s Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes to discuss the topic:

Bridging digital divides – creating the inclusive workplace

Wednesday December 11, 2019
07.00 PST / 10.00 EST / 15.00 GMT / 16.00 CET

The “digital divide” is a concept spoken about largely within the public sphere, as a way of understanding which groups do and don’t have access to digital tools and services. It has been used to help understand the impact of factors such as location, socioeconomic and geopolitical circumstances on to what extent people can use and access technology often taken for granted.

Within the workplace, the digital divide has tended to manifest in areas such as disparate focus and experiences between HQ and frontline, while elements such as accessibility are often tacked on as an afterthought, if at all. At the same time, we know that having more diverse, inclusive workforces bring benefits to individuals, to teams, to the organisation and, wider, has a positive ripple effect on communities and society.

Paul and Shimrit will share their thoughts on creating more inclusive workplaces, before opening up the virtual floor to participants to give you an opportunity to “share out loud” your own thoughts.

There are no wrong answers in our Digital Nations Group Hangouts, so join us to help think through and shape the future of the digital workplace.

About Digital Nations Group

Digital Nations Group (DNG) accelerates the digital transformation of nations, working with public and non-profit sectors globally to transform the way their people work digitally. It operates as a “super-stream” within the broader Digital Workplace Group.

DNG enables nations, governments, public agencies and related bodies to plan and manage their digital transformation by connecting with similarly minded entities in a safe and protected environment.

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