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Our upcoming events

DWG hosts a number of events for our members and, from time-to-time, we invite non-members to join us. Here are details of our upcoming open events:

Technology Exchange, August 12: Technology-driven behaviour change – ONLINE

Technology Exchanges (TX) are interactive online video sessions where DWG members and guests learn from and about technology providers in a safe, non-sales environment designed to build trust and understanding. Technology Exchanges amplify the voice of the practitioner (VOP) by providing direct feedback from attendees to participating providers and they focus on timely topics related to digital workplace technology, often aligned with ongoing DWG research.

Join this Technology Exchange on August 12 to learn how to identify, encourage and measure behaviours in your digital workplace that lead to business success. Our technology provider guests for this session are TemboSocial and Swoop Analytics:

Through TemboSocial’s recognition program, individuals bubble up, amplify, and make discoverable successful behaviours throughout the organization, creating a virtuous cycle where you get more of those behaviours you want. Even expertise location, which TemboSocial enables, helps to spread successful behaviours.

Swoop Analytics uses data analytics to identify successful collaborative behaviours. Their current move beyond dashboards to developing an insight direction data engine will scale up the capability even in huge organizations to coach and nudge every employee with personalized recommended behaviours that lead to business success.

We’ll begin by amplifying the voice of the practitioner and we’ll help you make new connections with peers who face or have overcome the same challenges as you. Then we’ll examine these two add-on technologies that increase the value of your existing digital workplace.

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Technology Lab, September 15-16: How technology can empower Knowledge Management – ONLINE

Technology Labs enable a select group of technology providers to interact with DWG members and guests in an innovative and insightful format where all participants learn from and get to know each other in an online mini-conference that emulates the engagement people experience at in-person events.

In our next Tech Lab we will explore “How technology can empower Knowledge Management”. We are currently developing the agenda, and will update this page soon.

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DWG Work Miles Movement, to be launched at DWG24, 30 September to 1 October

The DWG Work Miles Movement launch event, where we can help you and your organization take positive steps towards creating the sustainable world we all want environmentally.

DWG wants organizations and employees all around the world to commit to reducing their travel, in a similar way to DWG, by implementing a Work Miles Budget. Learn more about the movement here.

Join us for DWG24 (schedule to be confirmed) for the launch of the DWG Work Miles Movement, where we will provide you with some helpful tools to get started. There will also be the opportunity to share ideas with each other and resolve questions together.

DWG24 is open to everyone and if you haven’t already, please join the DWG Work Miles Movement. The more people (and organizations) who join, the more we can demonstrate the global appetite for change. And this is where DWG can use its voice to influence the decision-makers – every mile saved makes a difference.

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