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DNG Hangout, December 2: Distributed working and community life – ONLINE

Digital Nations Group Hangout on distributed working and community life

Wednesday December 2, 2020
For one hour from 07.00 PST / 10.00 EST / 15.00 GMT / 16.00 CET

With more and more organizations contemplating hybrid “in-person” and “distributed” working models for large parts of their workforce, there is much that remains unknown about how a large-scale and long-term adoption of this way of working intersects with not only people’s home lives and personal wellbeing, but also with their local communities, community wellbeing, and other communities they’re a part of.

Many independent, local businesses have found that an increased number of people working from home and remotely has led to their businesses thriving in new ways – something that’s of particular importance during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the community life of urban centres is suffering, and people are also concerned by what hybrid workforces could mean for their organizational communities.

Building on our September DNG Hangout, in which we looked at the impact of distributed working on home life and personal wellbeing, our December DNG Hangout will be zooming out to focus on:

How does distributed working affect communities and community wellbeing?

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DWG’s Paul Miller (CEO and Founder) and Shimrit Janes (Director of Knowledge) will be joined by guests to explore some of the key questions related to community life and large-scale distributed working, before opening up the virtual floor for people to share their own ideas, experiences and questions.

There are no wrong answers in our Digital Nations Group Hangouts, so join us to help think through and shape the future of the digital workplace.

About Digital Nations Group

Digital Nations Group (DNG) is an initiative from DWG that explores concepts and trends of the “digital nation”, as well as stories of how technology is being used for social impact.

DNG is an opportunity to step out of the day-to-day and think big about our wider world. Because it is changing – and changing rapidly. Digitally, socially, physically, economically. And as our public sphere becomes ever more digitally integrated – through smart cities, AI, digital citizenship, new economies, and more – the opportunities for the digital workplace just expand and grow.

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