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DWG Research Reports

2019 research programme

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The DWG research programme delivers to members six or more reports each year.
We base research topics on issues most relevant to DWG members and pack
reports with case studies, data and actionable guidelines.

Popular research topics

Measuring digital workplaces
metrics and KPIs that matter

Strategy and governance
How major companies do it

Managing content
Strategies for high quality

Office 365
An honest, objective guide

The art of collaboration
How advanced teams succeed

Evidence-based intranet management
Proven approaches for success
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“The research programme and the knowledge that emerges from member meetings is very useful. The ability to easily find information on what is best practice in a specific area means that we can always get help with whatever topic is on hand.”

Maria Harris Tata Steel

Maria Harris
Digital Media Manager
Tata Steel

Meet the DWG research authors

Shimrit Janes – Social, knowledge sharing, strategy

Shimrit JanesShimrit Janes is a freelance researcher, writer and consultant, specializing in the use of social technology for knowledge sharing. She previously led an award-winning joint project with law firm RPC and The University of Westminster’s Business School, which included implementing and overseeing a bespoke social intranet. Her current work covers a range of projects, including continued research and writing work with The University of Westminster on implementing effective social knowledge platforms. Shimrit also carries out research and consultancy for DWG, in addition to being our Community Manager covering Europe.

Follow on Twitter: @shimi_j

Chris Tubb – Evaluation frameworks, strategy, metrics

Chris TubbChris Tubb is an independent intranet and digital workplace consultant, who lives in Brighton. For the Digital Workplace Group (DWG) he is a strategy consultant, lead benchmarker and a member of the research team. Working with intranets since 1996, in and out of IT and Communications departments, Chris was formerly responsible for intranet strategy and architecture at Orange SA and France Telecom Group. Chris lives in Brighton, England and takes photography too seriously.

Follow on Twitter: @christubb

Steve Bynghall – Social intranets, strategy, current trends

Steve BynghallSteve is a research and knowledge lead across the Digital Workplace Group of businesses. A prolific report writer, Steve also researched and was the content producer for Paul Miller’s book “The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work”. Steve launched and managed the global client extranet programme at BDO, the world’s fifth largest accounting network. A passionate advocate of remote working, he can often be spotted in Starbucks with his long suffering laptop.

Follow on Twitter: @bynghall

Elizabeth Marsh – Director of Research

Elizabeth MarshElizabeth Marsh is Director of Research at Digital Workplace Group. She recently co-authored a book with Paul Miller “The Digital Renaissance of Work: Delivering digital workplaces fit for the future” and has authored reports on digital leadership, intranet management practices, and the future of work. Elizabeth is a researcher and consultant with over 15 years’ experience in intranet and digital workplace management, including at organizations such as Reuters and T-Mobile UK.

Follow on Twitter: @digitalsanity

“The research is very good, it’s a trusted source and long may it continue. You’re acting as the eyes and ears of 100+ intranet teams.”

Matthew Beckett
Digital Specialist, Intranet


Extensive Library of Research

Most of the previously-published research reports listed below are exclusively available to members.

Executive summaries and excerpts of selected research reports are available for free download.

  • Intranet platforms: a guide to understanding the landscape – authored by Martin White (free executive summary)
  • Intranet love affairs: be passionate about your intranet – advice for intranet managers (free executive summary)
  • Enterprise mobility: an intranet perspective (authored by Martin White)
  • Good practice for HR intranets
  • Managing risk in the digital workplace
  • Good practice in intranet findability

  • One company intranet: moving from many intranets to one (free executive summary)
  • An evaluation of SharePoint 2010 as a platform for enterprise intranets – authored by Martin White (free executive summary)
  • New directions in usability (free executive summary)
  • Digital Workplace Maturity Model
  • Using the intranet to achieve operational excellence
  • The structure and management of intranet teams
  • Good practice in implementing A-Z directories

  • Social media guide: best practice in implementing intranet 2.0 (free executive summary)
  • An evaluation of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as a platform for enterprise intranets
    (authored by Martin White)
  • The art of tagging: social bookmarking behind the firewall
  • Managing news on the intranet
  • The green intranet: 10 ways to use your intranet to build sustainability

  • The inclusive intranet: reaching the needs of hard-to-find staff (free executive summary)
  • Employee directories – wave three: transforming the employee directory into a more powerful tool at the heart of collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Intranets 2015 part 1: the context and the major trends
  • Intranets 2015 part 2: global information commons and global integration
  • Intranets 2015 part 3: the rise of the semantic intranet
  • Intranets 2015 part 4: more global, more local, more mobile
  • Intranets 2015 part 5: what it means for the intranet professional
  • The recession strength intranet
  • Intranet governance in the social media age
  • 12 ways to use your intranet to cut costs

  • Realising the potential of personalisation
  • Improving search
  • Usability of third party intranet applications
  • How usable is SharePoint 2007 for intranets?
  • Video-in-demand: the growth of video on corporate intranets
  • Intranet strategy and governance: the state of the art

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