10 popular Digital Workplace Impact podcast episodes from 2020

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In the past year, the Digital Workplace Impact podcast has continued to go from strength to strength, broadcasting more than 20 episodes covering a range of essential digital workplace topics and involving a fascinating mix of thought leaders, practitioners and experts.

Digital Workplace Impact is a podcast from Digital Workplace Group, in which host Paul Miller, DWG’s CEO and Founder, investigates and explores ideas, practices and people impacting the new digital worlds of work.

In 2020, the digital workplace proved to be the essential workplace, driving business continuity and supporting operational stability in a world disrupted by COVID-19. Our Digital Workplace Impact episodes have been informative and inspiring, and also provided much useful food for thought on delivering a strong digital employee experience in 2021. To help with your digital workplace thinking, you may like to check out the following 10 particularly popular Digital Workplace Impact podcast episodes that were broadcast during 2020.

1. Digital Workplace of the Year Awards 2020

Each year DWG organizes the Digital Workplace of the Year Awards, a global competition that celebrates the world’s best digital workplaces and the people behind them. The Awards highlight inspiring and innovative examples of leading-edge digital workplaces in action and help to show just what can be achievable.

This edition of Digital Workplace Impact features 2020’s two main winners. Linda Lee from DBS Bank explains how a strategy of making work “joyful” contributed to the bank winning Digital Workplace of the Year, while the Digital Workplace Leader of the Year, Priya Thummalapalli, Vice President, HR Digital Strategy at Prudential Financial, talks about her focus on transforming the digital HR experience.

2. The vitamins for digital wellbeing

Wellbeing has in recent years been an increasing area of focus for many organizations, but the COVID-19 crisis pushed it even higher up the agenda, particularly with the scaling up of remote working. The digital workplace and applications we use can both cause stress but also provide support for our health and wellbeing.

In this timely episode of Digital Workplace Impact, DWG’s Director of Research, Elizabeth Marsh, discusses some of the themes that have recently featured in her DWG research into reducing technostress, as well as the power of mindfulness. She’s joined by Dr Christine Grant, a leading applied researcher into the psychology of remote and agile working, who discusses the latest thinking. The episode also provides practical tips for creating a more “balanced” day of work.

3. Take care, stay calm and carry on in the digital world of work

This thought-provoking podcast episode looks at the importance of emotional intelligence and its relationship to digital maturity, particularly through the lens of the pressures emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Academic and DWG research associate Dr Lauren L Vargas has developed the “Take CARE to be CALM” framework, which covers approaches that can support a more mature and successful approach to digital work, with CARE standing for Communicate, Adapt, Resilient, Empathy. Paul and L discuss the ins and outs of the framework, its practical application, the “emotional impact” of the virus and the best approaches to take in difficult times.

4. How LEGO approaches workplace experience

Digital Workplace Impact frequently highlights stories from leading organizations. In this episode we hear from Jesper Ambrosius, Head of LEGO Workplace Experience. LEGO is one of the world’s most iconic brands, and it has an equally fascinating workplace culture that is both playful and innovative.

In this insightful edition of the podcast, Paul and Jesper discuss LEGO’s holistic approach to workplace experience, considering the physical office, the digital workplace and LEGO’s culture. It touches upon topics such as analytics, the value of play and how to evolve workplaces and support employees in a post-pandemic world. This is a valuable listen for anyone considering physical and digital workplace alignment, as well as anyone who just wants to get a sense of what it is like to work at LEGO.

5. How COVID-19 showed the true digital power of Duke Energy

COVID-19 presented unprecedented challenges to organizations, requiring agility, adaptability and an empathetic mindset to be able to respond. There are some amazing stories on how organizations have mobilized quickly to support both customers and employees at all levels – from leaders to operations to the digital workplace team. US utility company Duke Energy is one company that is providing such support in ways that are also changing the company for the better. In this inspiring podcast, we hear from Brian Savoy, SVP, Chief Transformation and Administrative Officer, about what happened and the lessons learned.

6. The keys to successful content migration

Content is the singularly most important element of any intranet. Content migration is often one of the most challenging parts of any major intranet project, and having the right approach is key to a successful and sustainable intranet. In this informative session, DWG consultant and research associate Nicole Carter walks through the eight essential steps of content migration, which were included in her recent DWG research. Essential listening for anybody planning an intranet project!

7. Is this the era of the intelligent digital assistant?

One of our most popular recent research reports has been DWG consultant Kevin Olp’s research on the intelligent digital assistant (IDA), an exciting new tool on the digital workplace landscape. A digital assistant leverages integrations, hyper-personalization, machine learning and chatbots to provide almost a “concierge” service to help employees complete tasks and get things done. This supports a better digital employee experience. In this episode, Kevin details the findings of his research and is joined by Brett Caldon, CEO of Workgrid, who explains the interesting story behind Workgrid’s IDA offering.

8. 100 people and no offices – the new normal?

In 2020, many organizations ended up being almost “virtual”, with everybody working from home or away from the traditional physical workplace. Here at DWG, we’ve actually been a fully virtual organization, with no offices, for a number of years. We’re often asked what it’s like and about the relative positives and negatives. In this episode, Paul speaks to two DWG-ers – Nancy Goebel and Louise Kennedy – about their experiences of working for DWG and being part of an organization that has no physical premises.

9. Would Mary Poppins raise ethical robots?

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) extends more and more into our working and non-working lives, it starts to raise important ethical questions about privacy, job security and what AI can be used for. With technology developing so quickly, digital ethics is a topic that is likely to feature more and more. In this episode, Paul gathers three thought leaders to discuss digital ethics: Avanade’s Florin Rotar (who has co-written a book on the subject), David Oksandy (former Global Counsel at Avanade) and Josh Simons, author of a book on the impact of AI on democracy. The discussion covers morals, politics, robots, and yes, even Mary Poppins!

10. A manifesto for the Decade of Courage

We live in a time of profound and rapid change, and we need new ideas, fresh thinking and a change of mindset to meet the challenges of the next few years. To help start the kind of conversations we should be having now, Digital Workplace Group created a manifesto for the “Decade of Courage”, a bold view of 12 guiding principles we need for workplace transformation in the coming years. In this lively session, Paul Miller discusses the manifesto with James Robertson, a global expert on digital employee experience, and Manisha Singh, a futurist and digital transformation leader, who share their thoughts on the manifesto and how it needs to be applied to the workplace.

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Steve Bynghall

Steve Bynghall is a freelance consultant, researcher and writer specializing in the digital workplace, intranets, knowledge management, collaboration and other digital themes. He is DWG’s Research and Knowledge Lead, a benchmark evaluator and research analyst for DWG.

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