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Episode: 70

Digital Workplace of the Year Awards 2020

Digital Workplace of the Year Awards 2020

“As we all know, empathy is key. We need to always put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and, in this case, the shoes of an employee.”

– Linda Lee, DBS

“I’ve seen that when you’re a good leader, you’re always reminding your team of the big picture. That’s where you become really, really valuable.”

– Priya Thummalapalli, Prudential Financial

In this episode of Digital Workplace Impact, we hear from 2020’s winners of the Digital Workplace of the Year and Digital Workplace Leader of the Year Awards as they were announced on DWG24 Live.

Linda Lee from DBS Bank, winner of the Digital Workplace of the Year Award, shares the bank’s strategy to make work joyful and how they have been able to bring out the best in their employees.

Priya Thummalapalli, Vice President, HR Digital Strategy at Prudential Financial, won the Digital Workplace Leader of the Year Award. Priya shares with us how she has transformed the digital HR experience.

The Digital Workplace of the Year Awards celebrate organizations and practitioners who have excelled in creating well-executed, high-performing digital workplace environments.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode: 

Winner of Digital Workplace Leader of the Year 2020: Priya Thummalapalli

Winner of Digital Workplace of the Year 2020 – DBS Bank


Linda Lee, DBS

With more than 20 years in the Financial Services industry, Linda leads the Future of Work (FoW) practice in DBS. As the FoW programme director, her mission is to evolve DBS into the best workplace for all employees – continuously transforming DBS’s functional capabilities, policies, and mindsets to enrich working lives. “Produce More Work Less” is the motto behind her team’s passion to make DBS a better workplace.

Linda’s journey with DBS began with the Consumer Banking Group, where she managed and transformed customer experiences in branch banking and specific products like mortgages and insurance. Through her visionary leadership, DBS’s branch operating model was digitalized and redesigned to enhance both customer and employee experiences. As DBS emerges as the Best Bank In the World (source: Global Finance) during the Covid-19 crisis, Linda is charting the way forward for DBS to continue leading in the “new normal.”

Priya Thummalapalli, Vice President of Global HR Digital Strategy, Prudential Financial

Priya has a strong track record of leading digital transformation, consumer-centric digital solutions, and product management for Fortune 1000 companies in the financial services, technology and e-commerce industries.

Priya oversees global HR Digital Strategy & Innovation, including onshore and offshore resources, to develop, launch and maintain digital products related to global HR technology solutions at Prudential Financial.

Prior to Prudential, Priya consulted at AIG Finance’s eBusiness Group overseeing a multi-million dollar digital life insurance portfolio spanning multiple countries. She launched growth strategy via omnichannel digital marketing programmes while improving product functionality, user experience and integration with other areas of AIG’s business. She spent two years with Hewlett Packard, serving as Program Manager of HP’s Asian e-commerce business, a $50 million business then and across 12 online stores and seven B2B extranet platforms.

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