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Decade of Courage Manifesto – is your workplace ready to adapt?

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Flexibility is vital. Whether your business is an emerging start-up or a longstanding conglomerate, adapting to new realities helps you stay ahead of the competition. And as our lives are increasingly spent online, it’s time to ask: is your workplace built to adapt?

As a response to the global pandemic, we set out a powerful manifesto outlining the decisions companies must make to thrive in the current digital landscape. Before the outbreak began, we knew that change was needed in the way we work. The rise of automation, growing climate awareness, and shifting politics all meant that a new way of living was upon us.

The arrival of COVID-19 only shifted our ideas to the forefront of our new reality.

As the pandemic has unfolded, many companies have been forced to find a ‘new normal’ – and made the considerations in our manifesto more pressing than ever.

Even before COVID-19 hit, a strong online presence and a willingness to adapt were essential components of a resilient business. Since then, we’ve been forced to make big decisions about the way we work. Red tape has been torn down as businesses fight to survive. Employers reconsider heading back to the office. Companies focus on their online platforms. And workers discover the unexpected perks of working remotely.

While we’ve all been adjusting to this new way of work, we’re left to address the future – what’s worth keeping and what can be left behind?

So, now is the time to recalibrate. As a decade of change lies ahead of us, stay ahead of the curve and discover the future of working with our Decade of Courage Manifesto.

Discovering what’s essential

  • Travelling to work after COVID-19
    What will commuting look like after COVID-19? Our manifesto dives into the benefits of remote working and the effect it could have on the environment
  • The change of office environments following COVID-19
    How will our office space change for the better? While some employers are busy preparing a COVID-secure and safe workspace, many are considering office alternatives. As remote working becomes the new normal, we consider ways businesses can create a diverse, efficient, and adaptable workforce
  • Improving your online presence to strengthen your business
    How can building your digital workplace strengthen your business? From improving digital literacy to enhancing your online platforms, discover the importance of digital transformation inside our manifesto
  • Invest in people and technology to improve customer service
    As automation continues to grow in every corner of life, we seek to show what technology trends could mean for your business. Our manifesto examines the importance of placing humans at the very centre of your business – while using advanced technology to boost productivity within the frontline
  • How to improve business practices
    How has COVID-19 redefined business and how can we adapt to change? We explore how the pandemic has paved the way for a more responsive and empathetic work culture

Our manifesto seeks to answer the big questions and provide a road-map for your business after the pandemic.

To download the full manifesto please complete the form.

If you are interested in the Decade of Courage Manifesto you may also be interested in the upcoming book by Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes: Nature of Work – a new story of work for the living age


This manifesto is available as a free download. Please refer to the DWG Research Terms & Conditions of Usage before downloading.

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