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DWG offers a unique peek behind corporate firewalls…

See other company’s intranets, experience their digital workplaces, and share best practices.

Looking at an intranet - Digital Workplace Group

75 intranet screenshots, and more to explore

Below are intranet screenshots, which offer just a taste of what is available to DWG members.

You may also like to explore DWG’s full listing of screenshots, or check out the My Beautiful Intranet 2014 competition, or the previous version of

the contest – My Beautiful Intranet (Goes Social) 2012 – or read our popular post on 10 intranets that defined the industry

These resources are just a small portion of what can be found on the private DWG member extranet. Learn more about DWG membership.

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Live tours of cutting-edge intranets, mobile apps, & digital workplace platforms

For a flavour of DWG’s screencasts, check out these clips:

  • Digital Workplace Live is the unique, interactive, visual online live broadcast showcasing the latest happenings in intranets and the digital workplace.
  • Knowledge Exchanges bring together DWG members for a live ‘show and tell’ of behind-the-firewall systems.
  • DWG 24 is a free 24-hour online gathering for anyone involved in intranets or workplace technology.


My Beautiful Intranet 2014

My Beautiful Intranet 2014

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Digital Workplace Live

Digital Workplace Live - Monthly live intranet tours

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