Generative AI

7 March 2024

DWG’s new research report “Generative AI: Unlocking value and managing risk inside organizations” explores one of the hottest topics in the digital workplace today. The report is a timely update to DWG’s 2021 AI and Automation report. 

We cover the risks and opportunities associated with Generative AI. We take a deep dive into key use cases and examine how to introduce appropriate governance. 

A case study from Koch Industries, as well as a number of shorter examples from other organizations, highlight what is happening in the field. 

Authored by Steve Bynghall, the research report executive summary is available now for free download: “Generative AI: Unlocking value and managing risk inside organizations.” 


An excerpt of this report is available as a free download. Please refer to the DWG Research Terms & Conditions of Usage before downloading.

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The Digital Workplace Group (DWG) carries out research into best practice in intranet and portal deployment. Covering the hottest topics in the intranet world, the studies we undertake are rooted in practical examples from among DWG member organizations as well as leading non-member companies. The results of this in-depth research act as a basis for decision-making, a source of ideas, and the basis for rich interactions between participants at DWG meetings. Generally, members are given exclusive access to our findings, although we do from time to time make a report available to non-members.

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