How the digital workplace can help attract and retain talent 

January 10, 2024

With Q1 often a common time when people consider their career options, have you considered how your digital workplace can help to attract and retain talent? Here are 3 ways in which you can start to leverage your digital workplace, along with links for further reading or listening.

1. Offer candidates an insight into your workplace culture  

By providing potential employees a taste of your work culture, you’re giving them compelling reasons to choose your organization.  

Offering a ‘digital workplace preview’ – a behind-the-scenes experience as part of the hiring process – is a cost-effective brand building exercise.  

A robust employer brand – showcased through digital workplace previews – could reduce the cost per hire by as much as 50%. 

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2. Build an organizational narrative by tracking and capturing employee journeys  

The offboarding process of one candidate could be an onboarding draw.  

Creating a timeline or vignette of an offboarding employee’s journey – showcasing their work profile and summarizing their experiences during their time at the organization – can demonstrate the real-world experience of an employee. 

Read: Could a behind-the-scenes preview of your digital workplace help attract talent? 

3. Be transparent and upfront about your hybrid working policy 

Organizations and candidates no longer need to be all things to all people. Now that where we work from is a key differentiator, transparency around hybrid working policy can ensure that candidate and organization are aligned from the outset. 

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