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Virgin Media screenshot

Hour two of DW24 brought us a dynamic tour of the Virgin Media collaboration platform based on WebEx Social.  Leon Benjamin described how this platform will strategically replace the current SharePoint intranet. “We want work to be as easy as play.” Benjamin quoted a stat that 60% of instant messages are prelude to a phone call.  So they have integrated telephony and video on this platform (see screenshot).

Virgin Media has 800 locations around the UK and the properties are empty 50% of the time. The collaboration platform will allow the company to improve their carbon footprint, support work/life balance, and reduce travel and entertainment expenses. Benjamin said, “I can literally take the office with me. Working remotely is no longer lonely.”  Benjamin advised other companies looking at deploying such a platform to focus the discussion on the value and benefits to the organization.

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Angela Pohl - Managing Director, DWG Member ForumAngela Pohl is the Managing Director of DWG’s Member Forum. She is passionate about continuously improving the member experience through excellent service, and exploring new ideas for developing the business.

Before joining DWG, she worked at Avery Dennison and Bristol Myers-Squibb in the areas of engineering, quality management, marketing and information management. She holds an MBA from the London Business School and loves exprimenting with the mobility an flexibility the digital workplace allows.

When not working, Angela enjoys being a mother, marathon training, helping at school, and planning and taking adventures with her family.

Connect with Angela on Twitter or on Google +.

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