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In a nutshell, we merged IBF and DWF into one service and changed our name to "Digital Workplace Group." The new name represents the broader set of services we've grown to offer, beyond an original focus on just intranets. We also changed the name of our monthly webinar from "IBF Live" to "Digital Workplace Live."

Although we've relabelled things, we're proud of our decade+ history and have left this page intact. Enjoy your time on our site and please contact us with any questions or comments.

17 December, London and New York.

The Digital Workplace Group (DWG), the recognized global leader in intranet best practice and thought leadership, is delighted to announce its intranet research programme for 2013.

DWG members, including intranet teams at organizations such as Adobe, IKEA and Ernst & Young, regularly use DWG’s research for decision-making, as a source of ideas, and as the basis for rich interactions and knowledge sharing.

In 2013 DWG plans to publish six research papers, most available exclusively to members. Reports consist of a mixture of thought leadership, analysis, statistics, examples of good practice and detailed case studies. The papers are written by renowned global intranet experts such as Martin White and Sam Marshall.

IBF_research_ reports

To ensure the research programme is centred on the topics of most interest to intranet teams, the report subjects are voted on by members.

Next year’s research papers include an intranet manager’s guide to SharePoint 2013, a software release which is likely to dominate the intranet industry for the next three years. There will also be a report on how to get value and ROI from social intranets, an area in which many intranet teams are struggling.

Elizabeth Marsh, Director of Research for DWG, said: “We’ve got some fascinating topics for next year’s research. We’ll be covering both forward-thinking areas of intranet practice – such as the latest evolution of SharePoint and the art of collaboration – as well as continuing to focus in on the ‘basics’ such as information architecture and employee directories. I know members will find the research output both informative and inspiring, especially as they voted on the topics most important to help evolve their intranets!”

Angela Pohl, Managing Director of DWG, said: “I’m delighted that the 2013 Research Programme has been unveiled. We’ve had nearly 10,000 member downloads from our research library over the past few years, and  in a recent survey of members 100% of respondents told us they were very satisfied or satisfied with 2012’s programme. DWG’s research continues to go from strength to strength.”

The full list of the six reports in DWG’s 2013 research programme is:

  • Social intranets: value and ROI, alignment with business processes and user adoption
  • SharePoint 2013 for intranet teams
  • Developing user-centred information architecture
  • The art of collaboration
  • Measuring communication
  • State of the art: Employee Directories

For more information about the 2013 research programme please download our factsheet or visit

If you are interested in participating or have any other questions please contact Elizabeth Marsh, Director of Research.

About the Digital Workplace Group

DWG is the world leader in intranet benchmarking, research and interaction with offices in London and New York. Its 80 plus members include Amgen, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, IKEA, Exxon Mobil, ING, Liberty Mutual, and Ernst & Young..

DWG members are typically drawn from Fortune 500 companies and equivalents, as well as medium-sized companies and public sector organizations. IBF has flexible membership options for organizations of different sizes, sectors and geographical location so they are able to participate in IBF at a level that works best for them.Since 2002, DWG has been helping members maximize the effectiveness and value of their intranets through benchmarking, interaction and research. Members agree to strict confidentiality on joining.

Because DWG is independent of any technology vendor all benchmarking findings and recommendations are impartial.

For more information visit Digital Workplace Group or contact:

Paul Miller
CEO and Founder
T: +44 (0) 20 7722 8726 | + 44 (0)7785 255883

Angela Pohl
Managing Director
T: +44 (0) 20 7722 8726 | +1 440 488 2377


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  1. According to recent research published by Nielsen Norman, over 70% of corporate intranets have been developed on top of Microsoft SharePoint. The issue with SharePoint is that it does not adequately address mobile requirements.

    As companies look to embrace mobile devices in the workplace, the intranet will be seen by many as being the first and most obvious choice for mobile-enablement.

    We wrote a blog on this recently:

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