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Thanks for visiting the Digital Workplace Group (DWG) website. You'll see this post may refer to the "Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF)," the "Digital Workplace Forum (DWF)" or "IBF Live." But that doesn't match our website name!

In a nutshell, we merged IBF and DWF into one service and changed our name to "Digital Workplace Group." The new name represents the broader set of services we've grown to offer, beyond an original focus on just intranets. We also changed the name of our monthly webinar from "IBF Live" to "Digital Workplace Live."

Although we've relabelled things, we're proud of our decade+ history and have left this page intact. Enjoy your time on our site and please contact us with any questions or comments.

Now in its third year, IBF 24 is a landmark event for the global intranet industry, providing a live interactive experience for thousands of the world’s intranet, digital and online practitioners. IBF 24 is a 24-hour online interactive broadcast that features more than 20 live tours of the world’s most innovative intranets and presentations by global technology and social media thought leaders. It is organized by the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (DWG), the world leader in intranet and portal benchmarking, best practice and interaction.

IBF 24 2011 will kick off at 11:00 a.m. BST on May 17 and will conclude 24 hours later. The event rolls virtually around the world, starting in London, and then moving to broadcast centres in New York, San Francisco, Australia, Amsterdam, and finally circling back to London for its conclusion. Its virtual nature allows participants to gain access to exclusive information and invaluable insight without having to expend time and financial resources on travel.

More than 1000 of the world’s intranet industry practitioners will come together online in what will be the largest, most innovative and practical gathering to ever take place in the global workplace technology field, with 80 per cent of the Fortune 500 and equivalent organizations taking part.

More than 20 live tours of the world’s most innovative intranets will take place, including tours of Google, BT, IKEA, BP, Abbott, Oxfam International, Barclays, Kellogg, Duke Energy, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain, AMP Asset Management and Booz Allen Hamilton.

In addition, studio guests and interviews with thought leaders globally will include Charlene Li, social media thought leader and co-author of Groundswell,talking about her latest book “Open Leadership“; Lee Bryant, keynote speaker and co-founder and Director of social business consultancy Headshift; and Brian Solis, principal at Altimeter Group, new media thought leader and author of Engage. Additional speakers include James Robertson of Step Two Designs, Wayne Clark of Best Companies and Gary Swart of oDesk.

“IBF 24 is a truly unique event. Nowhere else in the world can intranet practitioners and their colleagues get such exclusive behind the scenes access or such highly concentrated world-class information and insight, all without having to leave the comfort of their offices or homes,” says Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of DWG.

Interested participants can book their place now. Once booked, a 24-hour delegate pass can be used to access all of the IBF 24 activities, and will also give the pass holder access to an archive of the entire program for a full year.

IBF 24 is for any organization globally (private or public sector), for colleagues in intranet management, communication, technology, HR, marketing, e-business, and internet, and for industry service providers and vendors.


About the Digital Workplace Group IBF is a confidential, members-only intranet benchmarking group of 70-plus leading organisations from around the world. Members include BP, BT, Citi, Deutsche Telekom, ExxonMobil, IKEA, Microsoft, Nokia and Pfizer. Since 2002, IBF has been helping members maximise the effectiveness and value of their intranets through benchmarking, interaction and research.

To join, an organisation pays an annual fee to belong to one of four membership groups depending on where you’re based and organisation size. Only major companies and public-sector organisations are eligible to join.

Since 2002, we have carried out more than 400 intranet evaluation and benchmarking exercises in major organisations worldwide. This makes us the leading authority on intranets and portals, and gives us unrivalled insight into intranet best practice.

Because we are independent of any technology vendor and don’t sell consultancy services, our benchmarking findings and recommendations are impartial.

IBF has offices in London and New York. IBF was established in 2002 by The Empowerment Group (now the Digital Workplace Forum Group Limited), a UK-based organisational communication consultancy.

To find out more about IBF 24 or IBF, please contact: Celestina Olulode – IBF Marketing & Communications Specialist. Tel: +44 (0) 771 548 9993. Email:

One press pass per publication/website will be available for IBF 24.  Please contact Celestina Olulode to register for a press pass.

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