What LEGO, Oxfam and Rolls Royce all have in common

September 9, 2020

They are all studio guests at this year’s DWG24!

DWG24 is the signature digital workplace online event, broadcasting from around the world over 24 hours. This year’s show will be the seventh we’ve hosted since we first aired back in 2008.

Our CEO and Founder, Paul Miller, created the first version of this epic event in 2008 to connect people and ideas in the digital workplace arena in a way that would involve no travel, no airports, no hotels, and be open to people from anywhere on earth. Paul described this as “the power of connection and the internet at its best”, suggesting that the event had the potential to have a radically positive impact on the environment, and in its own ways help reduce the effects of climate change. This, of course, still resonates today, probably even more so.

It felt like the future to Paul in 2008 – and he was certainly ahead of the curve. Fast forward to 2020 and now, with the whole world in the throes of a global pandemic, this online 24-hour festival of all things digital workplace feels more relevant than ever.

The DWG Decade of Courage Manifesto, with its 12 action points for essential workplace transformation underpins all the content of this year’s DWG24. We have invited some world-renowned companies, as well as some incredible not-for-profit organizations to share live tours of their digital workplaces, giving attendees unprecedented access to the world’s leading digital workplaces.

brings us a live tour of its award-winning digital workplace as well as insights into new ways of working at LEGO Group that have been accelerated by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic – the agile organization

show us how to approach digital learning and collaboration, and how it uses Microsoft Teams – organization as a living system

See a live tour of Rolls Royce’s digital literacy solution – organizational readiness

ZSL will give us a live tour of its digital workplace, including illustrations of how zookeepers, home-based staff and animals all stayed connected during lockdown – the virtual organization

has lined up a live tour of its knowledge-focused digital workplace, including how this supports global knowledge sharing – global/local balance

will discuss anchoring the digital workplace with change management and share a live demonstration of its digital workplace transformation journey – organizational readiness


This year’s DWG24 will also include the live announcement of the winners of the Digital Workplace of the Year Awards, featuring an interview with the winner of both categories: Digital Workplace of the Year and Digital Workplace Leader of the Year. There have been some excellent and exciting entries this year, so this is definitely something to look out for.

And to add to all the excitement, we will also be launching the DWG Work Miles Movement.  Following on from Paul’s idea back in 2008 of not having to travel to attend a conference, we are now asking what the exit plans are from the period of lockdown, and what the “new normal” will look like. This creates, for every company and organization, a window of opportunity right now to design and plan the changes you want to make in how your organization (irrespective of size) wants to work.

This is an invitation to show your support for ongoing reductions in work travel by joining the DWG Work Miles Movement – you’ll be able to find out more at DWG24.

With all this and much more going on, you can’t afford to miss it!

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