SLIDESHOW: 30+ lessons from 12 leading intranet homepages

July 23, 2015 by
Modern intranet homepage trends DWG

See 12 leading intranet homepages analyzed in the slideshow in this article.

Did you miss Digital Workplace 24? That’s a bummer, because it was like Burning Man and TED Talks had a baby called “Digital Workplace and Future of Work” that took place online for 24 hours.

But the good news is that we’ve extracted screenshots of 12 homepages from leading intranets that were shown on Digital Workplace 24 and put them through our digital workplace analyser.

The result: an 85-slide PowerPoint deck that shows top tweets about each intranet and annotated screenshots highlighting key trends, best practices and possible pitfalls of these leading intranets.

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Ephraim Freed

Ephraim is a communicator, community builder, digital strategist and employee experience leader. He helps innovative, growing organizations provide meaningful experiences of work that enrich employees' lives, grow strong, positive organizational cultures, build community, drive productivity and performance, and bring employer brands to life.

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