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DWG Intranet and Digital Workplace Benchmarking

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DWG’s benchmarkers conduct a rigorous analysis based on our sophisticated framework.
Your resulting 80-page reports provide objective comparisons and extensive practical
recommendations to inform your strategy, plans and stakeholder discussions.

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Modern Intranet Management

Digital Communications Channels

Intranet Usability

Digital Workplace:

Digital Workplace Management

Digital Collaboration

Digital Workplace Experience

Digital Workplace Maturity

“The biggest benefit on joining for Amgen has been the benchmarking services.
This has provided us with a detailed understanding of our strengths and specific, helpful recommendations on how to continue to improve our intranet.”

Laraine King Amgen

Laraine King
Corporate Communications Senior Manager

7 ways members use benchmarking evaluations

1. Input for intranet strategy and roadmap

2.1.1 Input for intranet strategy and roadmapIdentifying critical areas of strength and weakness and the best route forward.

2. Set baseline for a redesign, then compare

2.1.2 Set baseline for a redesignProviding a clear picture of where the intranet is now, to gauge future progress.

3. Cut through internal politics with neutral data

2.1.3 Cut through internal politicsObtaining impartial performance data to support business cases and influence senior management.

4. Objective comparison with other intranets

2.1.4 Objective comparison with other companiesAnswering the critical question: how well are we doing compared with our peers?

5. Proof of a bad intranet, to justify budgets

2.1.5 Proof of a bad intranetSupplying concrete evidence to the board that the intranet is under-resourced and lagging behind.

6. Proof of a good intranet, to validate efforts

2.1.6 Proof of a good intranetDemonstrating the intranet’s value and its potential to do even more for the organization.

7. Help new people get up to speed

2.1.7 Help new employees get up to speedThis is where we are. This is where we need to be.

7 ways members use benchmarking CTA

7 ways to use DWG benchmarking

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Digital Workplace Maturity Benchmark

Our Digital Workplace Maturity Benchmark helps an organisation understand how its overall digital workplace is functioning in order to develop a vision of where it should be in future.

The evaluation relies on the Digital Workplace Map™, a seven-point framework that spans the core functions of a digital workplace, which cut across specific technologies and departments.

In 2012, we developed the Digital Workplace Map™. With input from past and present DWG members such as Microsoft, IBM, KPMG, ADP, McGraw-Hill, Citi, Johnson & Johnson and Fujitsu, we developed an industry first: a seven-point framework to map and measure the performance of an organisation’s digital workplace.

The map can be used to assess an entire organization or a specific unit, region or organizational function.

For more information, see Digital Workplace Maturity Benchmark

2.3.1 Digital workplace benchmarking

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Sample benchmark report

Sample DWG benchmarking report

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