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Digital Workplace 24 is back for 2015!

May 20th & 21st

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DW24 in 2013 is over, but the videos live on!

Digital Workplace 24 has come to an end, but the entire programme is available in segmented video clips, sortable by technology platform, sector and topic.

These recordings include live tours of: IKEA’s mobile experience for frontline staff, Virgin Media’s collaboration platform with integrated unified communications, Alaska Airlines’ iPad app for pilots and so much more.
How to access the DW24 video library

Digital Workplace 24 special guestsOnline. Everywhere. 24 hours. Free.

Digital Workplace 24 was a “webinar” like you’ve never seen before. We filled 24 hours with extraordinary live tours of the world’s most compelling intranets and broader digital workplaces, along with fascinating thought leader interviews. All participants had to do was tune in.

WHEN: 11 am Tues, May 14 to 11 am Wednesday 15 May 2013 (GMT)

WHERE: Anywhere. Everywhere. (Computer & connection required.)

A “visual radio” show spanning the globe

Digital Workplace 24 took participants on a live journey into the heart of what major organizations are doing now to enable the digital world of work. New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Amsterdam, London – as the earth spun, we traveled through the digital workplace planet that encircles us.

The event captivated thousands and combined:

  • Live tours from major companies
  • Interviews with acclaimed studio guests
  • Amazing music breaks

It was like the online South By Southwest (#SXSW) for intranet and digital workplace professionals.

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The most pressing questions of today’s work

Free of the limitations of the physical workplace, the digital workplace is liberating, powerful and evolving at break-neck speed. At the same time companies wrestle daily with how to implement, integrate, and get real value out of digital tools.

Digital Workplace 24 included live tours and interviews that addressed:

  • How is digital being implemented by field sales?
  • Where is the digital world of work revolutionizing retailing?
  • What is changing in the digital workplace in manufacturing plants?
  • What do the new breed of offices look like?
  • How does your digital workplace attract and retain young people?

Event partners

Digital Workplace 24Wednesday 20 May to Thursday 21 May 2015

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