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Episode: 41

What universities can teach digital workplace people

What universities can teach digital workplace people

“Technology is allowing us to rethink the entire model for higher education, where the power is, how the conversation works, and how we best use our time and our resources.”

– Ross Parry, University of Leicester

In this episode, we look to our academic contemporaries for digital workplace inspiration.

University of Leicester is leading the way with its “Digital Campus”. More than just the university’s web presence, Ross Parry, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Digital), and Lauren Vargas, Digital Fellow, explain what the “Digital Campus” is and share some remarkable examples of how technology is being used across the university to enhance learning and teaching, facilitate research and improve efficiency in management and administration.

Listen in awe at how the university is providing an integrated digital experience for its staff and students, understand how the corporate world can learn from this bold digital strategy, and ask yourself – is your workplace really a “digital campus”?

Show notes, links and resources for this episode:
University Digital Strategy: Building the Digital Campus
What Microsoft is thinking about now – and in the future – and what it tells us (Microsoft’s Envisioning Center)


Ross Parry, Professor and Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Digital), University of Leicester

In his role as Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Digital), Ross leads on the University’s ambitious new digital strategy and the delivery of its “Digital Campus”.

Ross is also a professor at the University, specializing in the development and implementation of digital media in the museum and culture sector. He teaches across the School’s programmes, particularly in the areas of digital transformation and change, accessible/universal digital design, digital activism, web and social media, information management, in-gallery interactivity and models, replicas and simulations.

He has been listed as one of the “EdTech50” most influential people, projects and products in the UK education technology sector (2018), and has authored and co-authored a number of books, journal articles and reports.

Lauren Vargas, Digital Fellow, University of Leicester

By day, Lauren ‘L’ Vargas is a digital dragon wrangler assisting companies with their community and communication strategies. She is currently a “One by One” Digital Fellow at the University of Leicester – delivering a “practical approach to building digital literacies within specific museum contexts” for the two museums where she will be embedded for nine months (the National Army Museum and the Museum of London).

Vargas was previously named by the Economist Intelligence Unit as one of the top 25 social business leaders. She is based in London, United Kingdom and, by night, she is an insomniac devouring dystopian fiction. Plus, somewhere in a parallel universe, Vargas found a way to stop time and graduate from Harvard in June 2014 with a Masters of Liberal Arts, Museum Studies and is now pursuing a PhD in Museum Studies (focus: digital data collection and use), with an estimated February 2019 graduation.

As a professional and adjunct university instructor, Vargas enables organizations and students to engage with the communities they serve by fostering authentic relationships built on trust and dynamic dialogue.

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