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Episode: 5

My new boss is a robot

My new boss is a robot

“I spent the entire experience with Uber, without ever talking, phoning or emailing anyone at Uber – all of my interactions were through the app”

— Dan O’Hara

In a world where robots are no longer just the preserve of the manufacturing line, developments in AI mean that some people find themselves being managed by a ‘roboboss’, whether they realize it or not. Could you work for a roboboss?

Our latest guest didn’t just ponder this question, he went in search of the answer by working for Uber, alongside his day job. Meet Dan O’Hara who talks to Paul Miller about his experience as an Uber driver and what it was like to be hired, trained, directed and rewarded by a roboboss.

Follow the discussion as they explore when an algorithm is preferable to a human, the future for robots and where that leaves us mere mortals.


Dan O'Hara portrait

Dan O’Hara, owner, 2 Steps Forward

Dan has been in the software and technology industry for over 25 years. After graduating from Purdue University in Computer Sciences, he spent 10 years in Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in their worldwide technology organization. At the time of recording Dan was responsible for Avanade’s Digital Workplace Market Unit, a practice of over 3,000 professionals worldwide delivering enterprise solutions. Dan also developed Avanade’s Experience Design (XD) capability to deliver useful, usable and beautiful user experiences to Avanade clients around the world.

Dan started 2 Steps Forward in October 2019, which investigates new concepts around Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Brain Machine interfaces.

A believer in lifetime learning, Dan has driven for Uber to understand the future of work and plays PokemonGo to understand Augmented Reality and viral growth.

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