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Episode: 12

How to measure a digital workplace

How to measure a digital workplace

“If an organization hasn’t thought about what success means, then they’ll never be able to measure their way towards it.”

– Chris Tubb, intranet and digital workplace consultant

The digital workplace encompasses a number of tools and services, all of which are measurable. However, measuring their impact on overall business objectives is a much more complex task.

In this episode, Paul Miller is joined by two pioneers (and DWG colleagues), Andrew Marr and Chris Tubb, who understand how progress and performance of digital workplace initiatives can be measured meaningfully. They share best practice, showcase forward-thinking organizations and explain how to avoid falling into the trap of measuring for the sake of measuring.

And, as the digital workplace becomes smarter, we ask whether more intelligent metrics are a blessing or a curse.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode:
BNY Mellon – Winner of the Digital Workplace of the Year
Measuring the digital workplace


Portrait of Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr, Lead Benchmarking Evaluator, Digital Workplace Group

Andrew is a lead evaluator in the DWG benchmarking team and a freelance digital business consultant. He has worked with DWG since 2009 in various capacities, including research and consultancy, and has completed more than 60 benchmarking evaluations in that time.
Andrew comes from a practitioner background.

Before DWG, he worked on a new enterprise content management system for the Financial Times. He started on his intranet journey with global private healthcare company Bupa in the late 1990s, implementing pioneering social and collaboration applications during his time there.

Portrait of Chris Tubb

Chris Tubb, intranet and digital workplace consultant

Chris Tubb is an independent digital workplace and intranet consultant with a long-standing relationship with DWG. Working on the management of intranets for over 20 years in IT and Internal Communications teams, Chris was responsible for Intranet Strategy and Architecture at France Telecom/Orange, until becoming a consultant in 2010. Since then he has helped dozens of large organizations take the next steps with their employee experiences. Chris focuses on strategy, governance and measurement, and on creating and implementing benchmarking models such as DWG’s Digital Workplace Maturity Benchmark. His latest research for DWG, “Measuring the digital workplace: The power of metrics in the connected workplace”, was recently published for DWG members.

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