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Episode: 50

How – and why – to launch a corporate podcast

How – and why – to launch a corporate podcast

“She found it easier to find a quiet space at home or in the office where she could record in her own time rather than feeling obliged to come in and do a full studio production for a video. She was able to be genuine and share that message with her wider team.”

– Mark Parkinson, Nationwide Building Society

A podcast about podcasts! Paul Miller finds out how Nationwide Building Society launched its corporate podcast as an internal communications channel. Starting with a six-month pilot, the objective was to uncover and amplify some of the usually quiet employee voices.

Hear from Mark Parkinson, Digital Production Partner, about how they got started; which types of content were a success and which (surprisingly) weren’t; how they measure more than just listens; and how podcasts compare to their other communications channels.

Tune in, be inspired and find out what the future holds for podcasts within the Society.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode:

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Mark Parkinson, Digital Channels Business Partner, Nationwide Building Society

Mark Parkinson has been helping organizations take advantage of online channels and tools for more than 15 years. He has delivered and managed transactional websites, intranets, extranets and information management systems for a number of private and public sector organizations, including: Nationwide, Arla Foods UK, Milk Link, Portman Travel, EDS and the UK Ministry of Defence.

With a strong focus on business liaison, Mark is able to orchestrate full-lifecycle web programmes from identification of web requirements through planning, development and the successful delivery of digital IT projects.

Mark is passionate about using his knowledge of technology and the web to ease communication and improve collaboration, to solve business problems and to enhance processes to ensure web operations run like clockwork.

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